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Make LinkedIn Work For You in 15 Minutes a Day

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Of course you're on LinkedIn, but are you using it consistently and in a way that enhances your networking efforts?

During Wayne Breitbarth's "Power Formula for LinkedIn Success" last week, he offered these six tips to get the most out of LinkedIn - in just 15 minutes per day!

  1. Respond to any messages in your Inbox - immediately.
  2. Invite people whom you met yesterday to join your network. Being the aggressor shows you care.
  3. Review the previous day's emails of group discussions you are following, but don't select the option to follow it unless you're really interested in the topic.
  4. Review the status updates from your network for the previous day. Remember that when you share a comment, you're sharing it with all the people in their network which helps get YOU get noticed.
  5. Post a status update of your own from time to time, but be careful not to make YOU the focus. As a networking platform, LinkedIn etiquette requires that you listen, share and help others first and foremost.
  6. Review "Recently Connected" to meet who your friends just met. It can be the most powerful way of all to connect.

Lest you think Wayne is another one of those social media experts, he's actually a business owner like many of us (president of MSM Office Interiors in Milwaukee), who's found the time to perfect the connecting opportunities on LinkedIn.

He's written a how-to book about it, "The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-start Your Business, Brand and Job Search," which will be available on Amazon later this month.



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