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Dealing with Emotional Ups and Downs

Good days and bad days, we all have them.  The question becomes, "How do you handle the emotional ups and downs that come with good and bad days?"   Here are some tips that can help you enjoy the good days even more and get through the bad days without letting them keep you down.  


Good days and emotional highs: Enjoy them while you can!   
  • Enjoy the moment.  Avoid making the experience the 'best ever' and keep things in perspective.  If everything is the 'best ever' the other good things that have happened to you are minimized and harder to remember.  Instead, enjoy this moment for what it is and place it next to the string of other good days you've had.  It is healthier to look back on the good times and see a wonderful story instead of remembering the last good time.
  • Recreate the moment again.  Think about what made your day so good - what did you control or influence?  Look at the choices you made that led to the outcome and decide if and how you can continue to make those types of healthy choices.
  • Why do you deserve that moment?  While we often ask, "Why do bad things happen to me?" we rarely ask, "Why do good things happen to me?"  Ask yourself the last question every time something good happens to you.  You will be surprised at how positive you begin to feel over time!
Dealing with emotional downs: Learn from the experience and let go.
  • Sit still.  Emotional downs are normal and everyone has them.  As tempting as it may be to try and ignore or run away from negative emotions, sometimes it is best to just sit still for a moment and gather yourself.  This way you can be more clear-headed before you decide how to respond in the face of your emotional distress.
  • Replay the scenario and reflect on your emotions.  Be honest about how you feel and where those feelings come from.  Afterward, determine what the best course of action would be for you so you can let go and move on.  Being honest may be painful at first but you will find it relieving and easier to let go of what is bothering you later.  TIP: Look at what role you played in creating the scenario that led to your "emotional down".
  • Accept responsibility.  There is a saying, "When you point the finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you."  The more control you realize you have over your behavior and choices, the more hopeful you will become in creating more emotional ups than downs.
  • Move forward stronger and wiser for the ware.  Take each emotional down as a opportunity to learn something about yourself.  Once you have learned something new or have identified a pattern in your thinking or behavior, make a commitment to yourself to become better in specific areas.   
In Summary
Emotional ups and downs are part of life.  Getting through tough times and learning from them impacts how many more good times you can create for yourself!  Likewise, learning how to enjoy and hold on to the good day's impacts how down you become when the bad days come.  Remember, the key to enjoying your emotional 'ups' and getting through your emotional 'downs' is learning how to build on the positive and learn from the less pleasant parts of life.



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