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Blackhawks make Leno watchable for people under 52

Pat Tomasulo


Joining an exclusive club that includes the likes of Bret Michaels and the cast of Jersey Shore, the Blackhawks appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday.   Jay went surprisingly blue on them in his monologue, saying they were in town "to get their asses kicked by the Ducks and Kings."

Then Kane and Toews had speaking roles in a hastily written portion of Leno's monologue.

My mother liked it.



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Marcus Leshock said:


Think somebody's looking to get people in Chicago to watch their show again?

Seriously - what the heck was that? Did they really have to sit through the whole show? Now I know what made Huet sick.

Pat Tomasulo said:


Hey, if you're gonna comment here, bring some of your 390K readers.

jack said:

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He had Betty White to balance it. At least she didn't use the language on Leno that she did on Craig Ferguson. Even the statement you said Leno said was bleeped on the WGN news.

But WTH were the Hawks supposed to do; walk out of the audience at the 10 minute mark? Sort of like they do at the point of the second period a couple of times lately?

Pat Tomasulo said:



MichSoxHawk said:


Marcus I had to laugh at your "Now I know what made Huet sick"

*dan bradley said:


Why would you go on Leno? Is he gonna teach them how to take one on the chin?

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