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Welcome to the new home of The Chicago Snob.  I think this would be an appropriate place for me to share the inaugural post I wrote to kick it all of, back on October 4, 2010.  Here goes:

First of all, I am not a Chicago native, I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Secondly, Chicago is the last place I ever thought that I would live... ever!  Before I moved here, I thought that Chicago was old, dirty, smelly, over-crowded, and run by the mafia.  As it turns out, I was pretty spot-on, but, to my surprise, I love living here!

Despite my ignorance in thinking that Minneapolis is an actual city, after a drive down Lake Shore Drive one weekend in May, 2003 (or 2004, I can't remember), I called my friend Ana (originally from Caracas, Venezuela), in Minneapolis, who had been telling me that she wanted to move to Chicago.  I had, unknowingly, exited onto Michigan Avenue and found myself amid really tall buildings and seas of shoppers, in my Toyota 4-Runner with the sunroof open and the back window down.  When Ana answered the phone, I said, "Ana, we have to move to Chicago!"  She promptly responded with "Ahhh!  I told you, STUPID!" with delight in her voice.

Ana moved here shortly after that, and I followed in April of 2005, after having met someone and making plans to open my own organic and fair trade coffee and tea shop.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on a whirlwind journey, in a world-class city, abundant in opportunity, diversity, competition, craftsmanship, and, what would later be defined by my mom as, Chicago Snobbery.

Before we go any further, I have to say that I have never understood blogs.  Really, who cares?  I still don't know.  However, after a conversation on a Sunday evening at Intelligentsia on Randolph, with my friend from middle school, Matt Hansen, in which we both contemplated what we are good at in life, I looked up at a building with a prominent rooftop deck and realized that I am good at Snobbery (i.e., the art of being a Snob).  I don't really know why I'm capitalizing Snob, but I am, so you'll just have to deal.  The next day, while on a short break from work, I visited LaVazza for their Cioccolata Italiana, to ponder what my life has become and how to create an abundance of wealth for myself and my family, while breaking free from the chains of my desk job.

On the way back to the office, I recalled the conversation that Matt and I had the night before, wherein I distinguished that I am good at being a Snob.  I also recalled having seen a posting on Facebook, in which another guy I went to middle school with, identified a newspaper article citing his blog about a particular airline's customer service.  "Fine," I thought, "what I have to say is at least marginally more interesting than that guy, so maybe I'll write a blog too and finally get noticed for what I'm good at!"  So here we are.

Since then, I have posted just over 20 entries on blogspot, and after successfully pitching the idea to the staff at ChicagoNow, I have arrived at, what I hope turns out to be, a main stage for The Chicago Snob to sound off!

I promise to do my best to give as accurate of a portrayal as possible, while exerting my own Snobbery upon you (the reader) and keeping you entertained, and possibly, well-informed.  If you would like a true Snob's opinion on something, please let me know and I will post something about it as soon as I have compiled enough research and opinion to do so in as much of an articulate manner as possible, which you may or may not like and/or agree with.

Thank you for your readership and stay tuned!

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