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DADT Repealed

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President Obama Signing The Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

This morning President Obama signed the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, regarding the United States' position on homosexuals serving in the Armed Services.

While this marks a seemingly progressive step in the United States' cultural conversation about sexual orientation, I am a bit conflicted about how to interpret the whole thing.  Do I champion the legislation for providing men and women an equal opportunity to serve their country, defend it's boarders and citizens against the evils of tyranny, and potentially give their lives for something they believe in?  Or do I sit back, fold my arms and chastise the legislation for demonstrating just how archaic our citizenry's thinking still is, that we have to grant someone a right to serve, fight and die based solely on who they love and how they express it?  Like I said, I'm conflicted.

Here's how I choose to approach the whole subject of rights with regard to sexual orientation: For one, I am not the authority, nor is any other human being, on whether or not it is morally right for one man to love another man and/or one woman to love another woman.  For two, I am absolutely in favor of, and support, any and everybody who wishes to create a partnership from a context of love, responsibility and commitment, whether straight or otherwise.  For three, I fail to comprehend why certain segments of our population feel the need to exert their morality onto others.  Did they learn nothing from The Crusades?  That story didn't exactly end in their favor, if memory serves.

The point I'm getting at is this:  We are all just fundamentally human beings who want to be able to pursue our dreams and ambitions, follow our hearts, help other people (most of us), and love who we love, no matter if it's someone of the same sex or same ethnicity, or otherwise.  I look forward to the day when we all get that a man can be a man who happens to love men, and a woman can be a woman who happens to love other women, and it doesn't separate us from all working and living together in prosperity.



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Daniel Scogin said:


Very well stated! Thank you!

SuburbaniteFaker said:

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Yes...aye, aye...well stated! Now if we could separate the truth from the lies about so-called "illegal" immigration and value those "boarders" who've demonstrated their commitment to our country by making it their home, paying taxes, raising their children to be productive members of their communities, taking the lowliest of jobs (doing the dirty work, the "real" work of our economy)! Most so-called "European Americans" are descendants of "illegal immigrants." Who was ever really a "legal" immigrant to this country? Ask for the Native American perspective on this -their joke is that they've been "fighting terrorism since 1492." Americans need to wake up and recognize we are living and competing in a global world (where we no longer have enough people to compete with the populations of Asia and South America who are taking the jobs made available by for-profit corporations and investors). America needs our immigrants from south of the border - they can teach us about tenacity, strength, humility, and what it means to create and appreciate opportunity (no matter how meager). They will be our bridge to a fair-trading bloc with our own hemisphere of the Americas. The United States has already missed many opportunities to establish productive alliances with our Central and South American neighbors. Next time someone starts squawking about the "illegal drug dealers from south of the border," suggest they educate themselves about the "Fortune 500 Drug Cartels" who literally kidnap Mexicans and hold their families hostage back home. Most of the drug criminals in the United States (citizens and immigrants alike) are slaves of these organized-crime Drug and Smuggling Corporations. Why deport our immigrant families who are trying to make this country their home and stay out of the drug-war crossfire? It's time we value all of our citizens (regardless of their "papers."). We are not dogs. And we are not consumers. We are citizens of a country that will turn its back on those of us who don't have enough money and political power to count. Once all of our citizens unite and recognize our common purpose, we'll deserve a government that truly serves and protects all of us.

Omari said:

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Yea, the US government is very archaic. Something like this shouldn't have taken so long to overturn, but the rules for enacting legislation are painfully slow. Everything is about the special interest and the haves. But I digress before I end up with a huge paragraph about Republicans or something lol. My whole point is that, shouldn't have taken this long and it is a shame that this is something we are have to champion as progress...its the 21st century people. Its sad but, hopefully when all the "old fogees" die, hopefully some of the old ways of doing things go with them.

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