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Friday Fun! A Few Of My Favorite Links

How are you feeling today? Happy I hope! The sun is shining! How lovely and the weekend weather report doesn't look too bad. Sure beats the summer of sweaters and chills don't you think? On a wonderful weather day staying inside, I tend to get a bit antsy, a little distracted and all over the place. So I thought I would share an eclectic mix of links that I love.

A whole list of links I love and news and ideas about my other work can be found here:
On my Blog:

This site is beautiful and I LOVE the items that are featured. I'm a huge fan of minimalism, but we do need certain things to live, like food and plates to eat them off of. The Japanese designers are always cooking up ingenious ideas and I'm so excited about this development which you can check out on: Strangely Beautiful Things

Now, onto strange ways of living. These brothers have taken to living sideways, on the outside of a building in Brazil. I'm serious! Check it out here, on one of my most favorite blogsites out there: Design For Mankind

Before you get back to work, check this Italian publication: TrustMe Magazine  My work was featured along some other amazing artists, stylists and designers earlier this Spring. I love getting a different perspective, just to see how other parts of the world are ticking, what their media is like.

Ok! See you next week where I'll have a NEW Monday Morning Mantra and a Mid-Week Mix-Up just for you! Oh I'm so exited I could tell you all about it now, but that would spoil the surprise. Happy July to you!

Be sure to tell me about your weekends, your favorite links and life situations here:



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