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"Interesting people wear hats" -Philip Treacy

The other day I had the honor and pleasure of meeting famed milliner, Philip Treacy. 


What a treat! We chatted about, among other things, the genius of  Alexander McQueen, the style savvy of Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lady Gaga becoming his intern.

Did you see this?


Lady Gaga at the 2010 Grammys in a Treacy hat and Armani Prive gown

Well apparently Gaga and Philip  have struck up quite a friendship. Lady Gaga has even requested to be his intern. When asked about this, Treacy replied:

PT: "[Prospective interns] have to go through a kind of pretty rigorous process. They have to do a test. We'll see if she's good enough."

Will Treacy create another famed number for Sarah Jessica Parker to sport at the SATC 2 premiere? He's got a few sketches, but nothing is concrete yet.

PT: "I will probably see her and then we'll decide what the hat is and then I'll have to make it overnight."

No pressure! 

Treacy has worked with famed designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen and has often mentioned that what he loved about collaborating with all of them is that they gave him creative freedom. When we spoke about this, he said,

PT: "People who give you lots of restraint are mediocre designers... When you work with the best, you understand why they're the best."

Philip Treacy would know because he is clearly at the top of his field.

Check the gallery below for pictures from the event. 

To see my interview in its entirety, visit

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Couture Milliner Philip Treacy comes to Chicago!

I received a very exciting email the other day inviting Arlene and me to meet and interview  milliner, Philip Treacy. I just absolutely adore hats and sport them whenever I can and Philip Treacy makes some of the most glorious creations I have ever seen. A couture hat is like a little wearable sculpture, and how cool is that?!?! And also, I think that hat makers are very interesting people. I just can't wait to meet him! 

A little quick background to get you excited, too... During the course of his illustrious career, Philip Treacy has collaborated with some serious fashion heavyweights, including Karl Lagerfeld (he went to work for Chanel when he was fresh out of school, a mere 23 years old, and stayed with Chanel for the next 10 years), Alexander McQueen (both for Givenchy and McQueen's eponymous line), and Valentino.


Alexander McQueen Spring 08, via 


Since his discovery by the late and highly influential Isabella Blow, Treacy has been the go-to for many a celebrity and glamorous, hat-wearing fashionista...


Sarah Jessica Parker in a custom Treacy creation at the Sex and the City premiere in London, via Daily Mail UK

I would die for my own Treacy hat. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get one. Maybe one like this?

Picture 19.png

So excited to meet him in person!!! Check the gallery below for some more of my favorite Philip Treacy creations.

Want to meet the master yourself? You can!

Philip Treacy appearance
Neiman Marcus
737 N. Michigan Avenue
in Accessories on the first floor
Thursday, May 20th 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Alexander McQueen runway images via; all other images via Philip Treacy (except where noted)

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Mr. Manolo Blahnik

So, a couple of months ago I decided to challenge myself. The initial spur came from Joanna Walsh of Badaude. Joanna gave herself a style challenge and reached out to Arlene and me to see if we wanted to participate. My first reaction was, Aiyyeeee! Is she crazy??!!?!?! 

My second reaction was, Hmmmm... 

Ultimately, I decided to get on board.

The specific angle of my challenge was to wear all the unworn treasures in my closet. I have amassed a few goodies over the years and the majority of it just sits in my closet. I often wonder about the animated actions of my belongings. Do the often-worn pieces taunt the lesser-worn ones? "She doesn't like you." "You were a mistake." I am adopted and often heard similar words uttered on the playground, so I decided to show them all some love.

Strangely enough, the challenge really became about finding my confidence in my creativity and abilities as a stylist. In our little family, Arlene is really the stylist. I know what I'm doing, I know what looks good, I know what works; I put outfits together for shoots, I pin and tape and steam. But I've never really thought of myself as a stylist. Until now. 

I've had fun. I've discovered that I do have pretty good instincts and I've come to grips with my closet. I've even decided to let go of an item or 2. And it's actually gotten me to consider doing this for the remainder of the year. Can I do that? I don't know, but I think I might like to give it a try. 

Until my return, I'll leave you with today's outfit. Manolo Blahniks (and some other stuff). I'm not really a Manolo, Jimmy Choo kind of gal, but I just can't seem to part with these. Even if I don't wear them, they're pretty to look at :-)


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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 30: the green dress

Today is officially the last day of my challenge to wear all the old things in my closet. It's been a struggle, but it has definitely been a lot of fun. I've a lot to tell you all about the process, but for now let's get to today's outfit.

Today's centerpiece is this green satin dress from Hengst. I've owned it for nearly 5 years -- purchased for a specific event -- and although I keep telling myself that I'm going to wear it, I don't. So today's the day to break the cycle! Here it is...

day 30.5.jpg

Hengst dress, Mayle jacket, Nobody boyfit jeans, Loeffler Randall Genevieve sandals

Check back here tomorrow for a recap on this challenge and a Q & A with our friend, Joanna, of Badaude. I might even have some news!

And for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 29: Louboutins!

First of all, please let me apologize for my delayed posting. I used to run with this group of amazing women back in the 90's and early 2000's. It was the early days of Sex and the City and I can say in all sincerity that there was a lot of story crossover between their lives and ours. We've gotten married, had babies and moved away, but this weekend we were all back together agin. My sisters have some pretty awesome style, too, so keep checking back here for some highlights from the weekend.

But for now, let's get back to my challenge. Friday was Day 29 and it was definitely time to break out the heavy hitters. Say hello to my Christian Louboutin Mary Jane stilettos.

day 29.1.jpg

I love shoes. Back in the early 2000s I worked as a talent agent for Stewart Talent in Chicago and I rep'd hair and make-up artists and fashion stylists. I really didn't know much at all about the world of fashion and I certainly had never owned anything designer. Josephine, a fabulous designer shoe boutique with wicked expensive shoes, opened up around this time and a fellow agent insisted on taking me in. Long story short, I started buying designer shoes. 

I have a few pairs of Manolo Blahniks and I have a number of pairs of Christian Louboutins, but this is my only pair of Louboutins that really look like Louboutins. Most of my other ones are actually flats, believe it or not. I don't really wear stilettos that often, but there was certainly a period of time where I bought them frequently. And they're so pretty. I think that's ultimately why I was able to fork over the cash for them.  It's nice to know that I can actually wear them, too :)

day 29.4.jpg

worn with my Mason zipper shirtdress, Escada blazer, Nobody Rue boyfit jeans, and the most amazing cashmere scarf from Robin Richman.

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 28: the sunset skirt

Let me introduce you to my James Coviello sunset skirt...

day 28.1.jpg

James Coviello sunset skirt, vintage leather jacket, Lemlem cowl, Mikai bag, n.d.c. boots

I've been trying to work this skirt into this challenge since day 1. I don't know why, but it totally stumps me. Maybe it's the color combo, maybe it's the shape, maybe it's the fabric. Whatever it is, I've been determined to find a way to wear this damn thing! I've played around with it a number of times during this challenge and decided to give it one more try today. Well, once I decided to pair it with my n.d.c. boots, the rest actually came together pretty easily. Today was sunny, but cold, so I thought it would be a good time to mix the lightness of this skirt with some heavier, more rugged pieces. 

And to be completely honest, I came home and changed my clothes. Not because I didn't feel cute, but because this combo kind of sparked something for me with this skirt and I immediately started having other ideas for it. I'm not going to tell you what I switched into -- you'll have to check back to see my other sunset skirt ideas ;)

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 27: Go big or go home

Today is in honor of my friend, Erica. She owns these harem pants and asked me how I was wearing them. I was forced to admit that I really wasn't. So today I have pulled them out for her. 

I have no fear of volume and I don't really feel like I have to cinch my waist all the time. There's a lot of fabric here, but both the tunic and the pant are very light, so the whole thing is very soft and drapey and really doesn't add bulk. Anyway, I am super comfy, I can tell you that! 

day 27.3.jpg

Ulla Johnson tunic, Gar-de harem pants, Loeffler Randall Zola sandals, Hermes twilly, Diana Broussard ring

{Bust 'em out, Erica! You'll likely never take them off!}

Check below for the full view. And for more on my self-imposed "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here. 

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 26: my one and only piece of Chanel

Chanel. The ultimate in designer clothing. I think every fashionista has aspirations to eventually own something from Chanel -- a tweed jacket, a quilted bag, strands of pearls. There is something about those C's that just always looks right. I'm still working towards the jacket, the bag, and the pearls, but at least I scored these during Neiman's Last Call a number of years ago.

day 26.5.jpg

Chanel. What more is there to say, really?

Worn with my trusty Loeffler Randall seashell pocket pants and 3 other pieces that I never, ever wear...

day 26.3.jpg

Loeffler Randall seashell pocket pants, vintage Clash tee, Rozae Nichols lace shirt, Banana Republic leather blazer, Barbara Bui cuff, Sam Goldberg ring, Chanel pumps

For more on my self-imposed "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 25: I have legs!

Today is the first day that I have officially shown my legs during this challenge. Scary! Anyway, I previously mentioned that many of the neglected items in my closet were skirts. I love skirts, but I hate my legs. I mean I really, really hate my legs. However, one cannot wear tights all the time, so  I've attempted to dig down deep, find my confidence, and wear a skirt with bare legs. Here goes...

day 25.2.jpg

Wyeth skirt, Sophomore Girls tee, Marlova sweater, Rachel Comey clogs, Candace Ang necklace

Eek! This skirt is another piece that has gone unworn because of the stigma of "how I used to wear it." We've been working with this client of ours on personal styling and updating her looks and she is stymied by this issue. It's very interesting to recognize this same limitation in myself. This project of mine has really forced me to address this and explore all the possibilities in my own closet. I'm definitely feeling the skirt today, and it is entirely different from any way I've worn it in the past. I'm also thinking I might like it with a white graphic tee, a sequin belt and my Rachel Comey double strap sandals. Hmmm. 

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 24: let's get vintage

Seriously bad hair day today, which meant I was going to have to wear a hat. Not really a problem for me as I love hats and I have plenty of them. But what to wear with the hat. That was the question. Once I decided on the hat, I started feeling a little quirky and this adorable little polka dot dress just called out to me. I got this years ago from that same stylist who gave me the reversible frame bag. She was moving from Chicago to New York and had to clear out a lot of stuff, and I had early dibs on her fabulous assortment. This dress was one of the many fabulous goodies I took home with me. 

day 24.4.jpg

Vintage dress, PRPS jeans, Loeffler Randall Belinda platform pumps, Goorin hat and vintage bracelet

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 23: Gucci's night out

You know, probably the hardest thing about doing this style challenge is the actual process of taking the pictures. Today I had planned on showing 2 outfits -- my day outfit and my evening outfit. Well as fate would have it, we never had a chance to snap my picture until tonight. 

For tonight, I finally wore this printed Gucci top (from Tom Ford's Gucci days). I have been trying to wear this damn thing during this entire challenge. Don't get me wrong, I think it's beautiful. I love the print and the colors, but something about it just doesn't feel like me. But tonight, well tonight I felt like a million bucks. The fabric and drape of the top combined with the fabric and drape of the pant just felt so luxurious. Maybe I'll hang on to it for just a little while longer.

day 23.1.jpg

Gucci top, Rachel Comey captain's pant, Loeffler Randall Zolas, vintage bag

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 22: Nicholas Kirkwood, it's nice to meet you

First of all, I've been feeling low style energy lately. I haven't felt cute and I haven't felt creative. And subsequently, my challenge has been, well, a challenge. When I got home yesterday, I went straight up to my closet and started trying things on. I forgot about the challenge for a minute and started playing with all of my new things (I love clothes, I have a shopping obsession, and I own an online boutique -- you do the math). Suddenly everything old was new again. Haven't worn the blazer in a couple of years, and the shoes...

Well, they've never been worn. Not even once. Until today, that is...

day 22.3.jpg

Nicholas Kirkwood platforms

I absolutely adore Nicholas Kirkwood. All those crazy, completely insane shoes that he does for Rodarte. He has such a unique and distinct style -- you always know a Nicholas Kirkwood when you see it. And to me, that is the mark of a really good designer. Also, as cuckoo and impractical as his shoes seem, they are actually quite wearable. Now, I can't vouch for the Rodarte beasts that probably still have models waking up at night in a cold sweat, but I've tried a number of his more outrageous styles and they are truly honest-to-goodness, made-to-be-worn, comfortable shoes. 

Well now's the time to break 'em out! I'm rocking these babies today, I'm getting positive attention from women and men, and I feel like I lost about 5 pounds, too! YEAH, Nicholas Kirkwood!!!!

day 22.1.jpg

Neal Sperling blazer, Rachel Comey Cabin dress, Earnest Sewn jeans, Nicholas Kirkwood pumps, Diana Broussard ring, my Aunt Ann's colored beads

Check out the gallery below for some of mine and Arlene's favorite moments from Nicholas Kirkwood, including the shoes that -- literally -- brought down model Abbey Lee Kershaw. 
(images via Jak&Jil,, and

and for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 21: Loeffler Randall

I've lost my style mojo a little bit lately, I have to admit. However, I'm still hanging in there. Today I've pulled out a dress that used to be an old favorite. When I first brought it home, I couldn't get enough of it. I wore it all the time. And frankly, I got kind of sick of it. Well after many months of rest, I've resurrected it. Welcome back, old friend!


Loeffler Randall checker yoke dress, Nudie skinny jeans, Loeffler Randall Zola platforms, Gar-De motorcycle jacket

for more on the "you bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 20: Chloe flats

Okay, so I'm cheating a little bit today. You may have noticed that I haven't really been posting my outfits on the weekends. Well, there are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, I don't really have a camera that allows me to do shots like these (with or without a self-timer), so I have to rely on my friend (and extraordinary photographer), Arlene, to take my picture; second, my weekend dressing isn't really the problem. I rarely go out on the weekends and, if I do, I typically  already go for one of the under-worn dresses in my closet. 

So this challenge is really about my Monday-through-Friday wear. Having said that, today's outfit is actually what I wore on Saturday. However, it is exactly the sort of thing that I would wear for a day like today: a photo-shoot day.

These buttery-soft Chloe flats were purchased at an old-favorite shoe boutique, Josephine. Josephine was hands-down the best shoe store in Chicago, but just couldn't hold on and finally had to close their doors a few years ago. I still have many treasures from them, though, and I will continue to enjoy them for as long as I can.


Sonia Rykiel for H & M sweater, PRPS jeans, Chloe flats

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 19: Queen of the mountain!

It is after midnight which means that I have {technically} missed yet another day in my challenge. BUT, I do have a legitimate outfit for today.This entire week has been insane, and today was no different. After a full day of shooting + a trunk show (Jill Alberts, we love you!) + about 5 hrs of sleep + another full day of shooting (Karl and Holly, we love you!) + a fashion show (Lara Miller, we love you, too!), I am finally alone with only Kuma (my dog) and my laptop. 

So, even though I'm posting at midnight, these pictures were actually taken early this morning. When I still had some strength left! Apparently there was something about these boots that brought out the childhood tomboy in me...



Mayle blouse and sweater, Nobody Mod straight leg jeans, NDC Sunday floppy boots, vintage snake pendant necklace from Jill Alberts

This blouse is one that I don't wear near as often as I should. The fabric is amazing, the print is beautiful and it has a zillion amazing little details. And the sweater (also Mayle), I actually forgot about! That Jane Mayle -- when is she coming back to the world of fashion??? There was a rumor a few years ago (pre-Phoebe Philo) that she was going to take over Chloe. Arlene and I are still keeping our fingers crossed...

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.
and for more on the Lara Miller show, check back here later today.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 18: shoot day

We're shooting today, which means that I'll be on my feet, up and down, in and out of my shoes (my feet are the only thing on me that is model-sized and I own almost all of the shoes we sell, so we often use the shoes that I'm wearing)... basically, working, so I need to be comfy. And I need to be able to peel away layers as I start to sweat ;) Anyway, today I'm wearing this Phillip Lim sweater...


I've always had trouble figuring out how to wear it and I think it's because I didn't layer it. It's almost cropped and kind of calls for layering. Well I've layered it up today and I have to say that as heavily layered as I am, I am still FREEZING!!! What the hell happened to Spring???


Gar-De motorcycle jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim purple sweater, Faliero Sarti scarf, Mossimo tee, Nobody boyfit jeans, Rachel Comey Ipswich wedges, Target socks

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 17: Stilettos!

Feeling a little French today with my finger-waved hair and my almost all-French ensemble, so I had to break out a stiletto. 


I've had these Giuseppe Zanottis for probably 2 years and have NEVER worn them. Not even once! I think it's because of how high they are. When I was at Starbuck's this morning putting cream in my coffee, a woman came up to me and said how much she liked my shoes. Then she said, "you must sit a lot of the day!" I thought that was funny and, while I do sit a good part of most days, today was not one of those days! Arlene and I went downtown for a meeting with some publicists and as we were walking through the drizzle a block away from where we parked (of course we started in the wrong building), I said to her that I had no back-ups for the day -- these shoes were it. My feet can attest to this! Anyway, pain or no pain, I definitely felt super-stylish walking around the Magnificent Mile, I have to say :-) I did, however, also have on a 3/4 sleeve Hanii Y trench coat, so I wasn't out in the elements completely unprepared...


Les Prairies de Paris sweater and jumpsuit, Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 16: No sun, but a Stella-r day

Where's the sunshine, damnit?!?

Stella McCartney for H & M parka, Gar-De harem pants, Gwendolyn Carrie shoes, gauzy scarf from Hazel

No sunshine today, however, it was great weather for this little Stella McCartney for H & M parka. I was not at H & M on launch day (although I had an article with the release date highlighted hanging on my refrigerator for months ahead of time). I went in either the following day or 2 days after and there was pretty much just a cluster of practically empty racks. I was standing in front of one such rack when this employee appeared out of nowhere, sort of reached around me and hung this jacket literally right in front of me. It was fate and I have loved it ever since, although I don't wear it nearly as much as I should. But I have to say that I love it with these harem pants -- all shades of green and moss and all kinds of drapey. Kind of makes a nasty, grey, drizzly day a little bit bearable! 

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 15: Phillip Lim

Spring has finally sprung for good, I think. The perfect time to pull out my lace eyelet floral blazer from Phillip Lim. And even though it's seasons old, the color is right on trend for this Spring -- NUDE! I used to wear it a lot more girly than this, but today I toughened it up a little by pairing it with black jeans and a black graphic tee. It totally feels new to me now.

day 15.1.jpg

3.1 Phillip Lim blazer, Sophomore NY tee, Nobody Mod straight leg jeans, Rupert Sanderson pumps

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 14: Psychedelic, man

Okay, so today I've been getting some attention. I have no idea why, but from time to time -- on the street, at the grocery store, just generally running around -- I'll get these... looks. I wish I could explain them -- it's as if something about me is speaking to them. And offending them. It always feels a little like, "who in the hell do you think you are?" Anyway, today appears to be one of those days. All I have on is a black and white tunic over black pants. Is a mod swirly print really that offensive?


Thread Social dress, Les Prairies de Paris jumpsuit, Rachel Comey double strap sandals, Sam Goldberg ring

I bought this Thread dress the night of an event at a boutique where I worked. It was one of those times when you try on something in front of a bunch of women (with wine in their hands) and they all ooh and ahh about how great it is on you and how you have to get it. You just have to. You don't think about whether or not you even like it, you just fork over the cash and take the dress home where it will live in your closet, unworn, and taunt you every time you look at it. Well, I've decided to love this thing or get rid of it. And you know what? Today I actually do love it. Maybe all those tipsy ladies were on to something after all...


Thanks to our dear friend, Amanda, who came over today to take my picture. Without her, you'd be looking at a blank page!

for more about the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here

"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 13: Orange

Orange and white was the perfect combo for today. It's been glorious all day -- 70s, sunny, breezy, Spring-like. Gorgeous. Just puts a smile on your face, you know? 
So, when I went to the closet to get the outfit I had picked out last night (Rag & Bone blazer, black vintage Clash tee, black McQ ball skirt), it just didn't feel right. It felt so dark and... bleahh. So, I looked around and my eyes fell on my dear, old friend: my orange Rogues Gallery tee. Orange just felt right. So even though today is technically about the blazer, for me it's really about the tee...


Rag & Bone blazer, Rogues Gallery tee, PRPS jeans, Rachel Comey Ipswich brogues

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it! challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 12: All about the bees

Today's challenge should actually be called "You kept it, now wear it!" I have never really believed in that thing they say about how you should throw something away if you haven't worn it in a year or 2. I'm a firm believer that a good piece of clothing can stand the test of time. And I  also believe that our individual styles change and evolve and that things can often seem new again. Now, I will agree that if it hasn't fit in a year or 2, you should give it up and let it go. (I should follow my own advice. Hello, fire sale.)

Today I was inspired by an old image of Giovanna Battaglia that Arlene posted on yesterday. It got me thinking about throwing a sweater over a dress. I started looking through things in my closet that I haven't worn and my eyes landed upon this old lace dress from Betsey Johnson. I adore Betsey Johnson. A lot of people make fun of me for my intense love for her, but Betsey really speaks to me. I just love her crazy girly style and I have owned many, many pieces of hers over the years. I've given away most of them, but I've held on to a few in the hopes that I might one day wear them again. Well, today's the day! In celebration of Betsey's and Bs in general, I threw on this Betsey Johnson dress, my B necklace and my mother's bee pin (her name was Betsy). I feel pretty special to be in such good company!

day 12.1.jpg

Betsey Johnson lace dress, Demylee Nele oversized sweater, Rachel Comey double strap sandal, Mom's bee pin, my "B" necklace

Check the gallery below for close-ups. And for background on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 11: I'm back!

Hello all! Sorry for the brief hiatus, but it was unavoidable. I'm back now, though, and ready to tackle the last 20 days of this challenge!

Today I've pulled out a cropped Teamo tee I purchased from a lovely UK-based website, called The Moon and Mars. I purchased back in December and when it arrived I was like, "What the hell was I thinking buying a crop top???!!! I'll never wear it!" And I haven't. Until now :) Today I've paired it with a high-waisted pant and now have all kinds of ideas for other ways I may wear it. 

day 11.1.jpg

Teamo cropped tee, Loeffler Randall seashell pocket pants, H & M beads, leather bracelet from Hazel, NDC shoes.

Once again I would just like to say how much I love this challenge! Such a fun way to work my closet!!

For more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here.

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Technical difficulties & Chanel

So sorry for the late post, but there's been a lot going on. Between running downtown from government office to government office and ARLENE'S CAR GETTING BROKEN INTO (in broad daylight, in Lakeview -- CRAZY!), we didn't have a chance to snap my picture today. And tomorrow I leave for Atlanta for the weekend. Arlene's the photographer (and she also owns the good camera), so I'm going to put the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge on a brief hiatus and will continue on Tuesday of next week. I assure you that I will continue to explore the deep corners of my closet and pack items that haven't been out for a while! 

In the meantime, please enjoy these images from the Fall10 Chanel show. That Karl Lagerfeld -- he's a certified genius. A little over-the-top, maybe -- he did import icebergs from Sweden for this show and once staged a Fendi show on the Great Wall of China. On the actual Great Wall!!! And Chicagoans thought it was over-the-top for Oprah to close down Michigan Avenue for 2 days! 

Well anyway, here's Chanel...


I am OBSESSED with the boots. I haven't yet figured out how I'm going to afford them, but nothing has grabbed me the way these boots have in forever! And don't even get me started on the accessories. There's only one word for it: LOVE!

check the gallery below for some of my personal favorites...

all images via

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 10: possibly inappropriate

Today I have happily pulled out this gorgeous 1950's inspired ball skirt from Louis Vuitton. I have literally never worn this and I think it's because I've never figured out exactly how to. It hits at my natural waist and then gets immediately very full. It's impossible to get anything over it and it's fairly difficult to tuck into, also. What to do? In a moment of inspired genius (and the memory of Stefanie of Extra Skinny), I tried it with my Opening Ceremony bustier. Voila! Perfection! However, you can see a little sliver of skin if I lift my arms. Possibly inappropriate for a woman my age ;) But go on, ask me if I care...

day 10.3.jpg
Gar-De motorcycle jacket, Louis Vuitton skirt, Louis Vuitton slingbacks, Opening Ceremony seamed bustier, McQ skull scarf

You might be wondering why I have all this Louis Vuitton in my wardrobe. I actually worked at the LV store on Michigan Avenue for about 2 years. We got crazy end-of-season deals on clothing and shoes and even though I didn't make enough money to afford this stuff (even at a deep, deep, DEEP discount), I just couldn't resist. So I'm glad that I'm forcing myself to wear everything now. 

for more on the "You bought it, now wear it!" challenge, read here

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 9: So French?

Today we met up with our lovely and chic friend, Alice Anne, for coffee and a little fashion talk. We loved what she had on and Arlene insisted on takig her picture. She was perfectly layered with the perfect giant drapey scarf, a leather Vanessa Bruno tote, and a little cross-body Chanel.  Anyway, after we snapped Alice Anne, she hung around as we took my daily photo. While I was "posing" Alice Anne said that I looked like I had a French thing going on. Maybe it was the JCDecaux designed bus shelter. Whatever the reason, I'll always take that compliment :-)  Vive la France!

day 9.1.jpg
McQ jacket, Steven Alan shirt, Loeffler Randall seashell pocket pants, Gwendolyn Carrie shoes, Target angora socks, vintage ring

Today is really all about the McQ jacket. I got this from a dear friend of mine. She and I often bought and sold and traded things and I think she actually gave it to me (I'm ashamed to admit that I don't remember). Alexander McQueen is my absolute #1 favorite of all-time and I could kick myself for not wearing this more often. I love all of the details about this particular piece. It's so fun to  play with and button different ways. And on top of it all, it's warm! 

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 8: White

Today's a funny story because the thing that appears to be the center of attention in this outfit was a last-minute throw-on. It's this white motorcycle jacket by Andrew Marc that I absolutely never wear. I literally cannot even recall a time when I've worn this (I know I have -- a handful of times -- but not for a very long time). And the funny thing is that it could have gone horribly, horribly wrong. There was a split-second during the purchasing process when I almost bought this jacket, not in white, but RED. Can you imagine??? Now I've seen colored leather jackets that work, but something about red leather screams Michael Jackson to me and I'm not sure I can rock that look.

So here I am, definitively not channeling Michael Jackson, but definitely channeling the 1980s...

day 8.1.jpg

Andrew Marc leather biker jacket, Louis Vuitton sleeveless tuxedo, Nobody Mod tube scrunch jeans, Jacqeline Schnabel slingbacks, Bing Bang necklace, Crumley heavy chain necklace

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CRAVE Chicago

Brandon & I had the pleasure of attending an event sponsored by CRAVE Chicago.  CRAVE Chicago is this great organization that sponsors business and lifestyle events all catered with the urban woman in mind.  So wonderful to meet Michelle Kravetz of CRAVE Chicago.....lovely, smart, with A #1 style.  Who better to represent CRAVE Chicago division than Michelle.   Crave's next event is coming up this Sun, Mar 28.   I'm really sorry I have to miss it because this one is right up my alley.....Beauty & Wellness (something I always welcome in my life :)), in a fantastic space, right in my neighborhood!  You all should check it out...  HERE
and for all you Lululemon fans (like myself)...Lululemon athletica goodie bags!  Check out some pics attached from their last event @ JBar, downtown.

Screen shot 2010-03-21 at 7.30.06 PM.png

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 7: weekend wear

The snowstorm was brief and the sun has returned. YEAH!!! Today, I didn't even wear a coat -- an oversized sweater (today's underused treasure), over-the-knee boots and cozy scarf were all I needed to stay warm :)

day 7.2.jpg

Barbara Bui oversized zip sweater, Sonia Rykiel for H & M scarf, Found Denim skinny jeans, Loeffler Randall Carine boots, Mossimo tee from Target

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"You bought it, now wear it!" Day 6: from sandals to snow boots

What do you do when you're in the middle of a style challenge -- trying to wear all the beautiful shoes that are gathering dust in your closet -- and the temperature drops 30-40 degrees and it starts to snow??? Well, you forget about the open-toe booties and you layer, that's what you do. 

day 6.1.jpg

Not only is it snowing, but it's also Saturday which means I'm feeling very lazy. I did manage, however, to incorporate a beautiful M Missoni wrap sweater that I haven't worn in at least a year. Paired with a long Three Dots cowl neck tee, my Nobody Mod straight leg jeans, my Olive Brown neck loop, Lutz & Patmos hatEscada puffer and Louis Vuitton snow boots. Check below for all the details.

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