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Chicago's Best Sports Songs

 On the first of March, on the holiday...So goes one of my favorite songs ever, "Casimir Pulaski Day" by Sufjan Stevens. Whether you love or hate Sufjan (and I know there are many in both camps) you have to admit it's probably one of the best song written about Casimir Pulaski Day.With today happening to be Casimir Pulaski Day, it got me thinking about other music about Chicago, namely songs about Chicago sports, since that is the (general) idea of...

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Dean said:

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"Keys to the City" is a great song. Too bad they don't play it anymore at the United Center. It would be great if they took bits of the song and played it before a faceoff or players taking the ice.

Scott Bolohan said:


I completely agree. It also has to be the best song about a mayoral ceremonial award ever. I don't get why they stopped playing it, it's only like three years old.

trip said:

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Finally, someone who doesn't like the "Go, Cubs Go!" song. "Rock N'Roll Part II" by Gary Glitter should've made the list just based on the fact that it was played after every Bulls championship in the 90s.

scottmpriz said:

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This a post about greatest Chicago sports songs, and it features a song the author doens't like?

A dying Cubs fan is a much better song, of course. And one, I suspect, the author actually liked. Or should.

Stylin19 said:


What about "All the Way" by Eddie Vedder? Good song from a world famous musician about his home town team. If you havent heard it, you should check it out.

Scott Bolohan said:


Wow good call, completely forgot about that one. I'll get it up there soon.

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