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Congratulations to the 2010 Central Champion Twins


White Sox fan, Dr. of Geology

Considering that now, it'd take another run of .800 ball by the White Sox to catch the Twins, I figured I'd start by offering polite congrats. It's only fair.

Now seriously...the White Sox's announcer starts off the game by telling everyone who was still watching how Delmon Young had done a bushleague play the night before. They showed the replay repeatedly, Hawk pointed out all the sordid details, Young leaving the line to go after AJ, Young going after AJ's face instead of the ball. Scott Merkin wrote the "tensions rising!" article. Hell, there was even a great time early in the game to give Young a fastball to the backside, after falling behind him in the count in the 2nd inning. Hell, he even walked that at bat. Nice to know that the Sox only talk a tough game.

Ozzie Guillen continued the tough talk for everyone except the opponent, ripping into anyone who wanted to blame him for Thome departing. Yes, Ozzie, you didn't win much when you had Thome. You also never won a division with a lot of guys. Doesn't change the calculation that you decided you wanted a worse ballplayer and you wanted a legendary Sox killer on the Twins.

Anyway, the game, yeah. Gavin Floyd struggled early and regularly. Joe Mauer was destroying him every time up. Mauer wound up going 4/5 with his first HR in Target Field. How much you wanna bet that somehow, homering off of us will get him in a Target Field HR groove? So it goes.

We actually took the lead in the 2nd inning. Liriano was wild enough to make Gavin look OK, although a couple guys (Konerko) still kept swinging over the top of his slider. Liriano walked 2 to start off the 2nd, and Andruw Jones unloaded on a first pitch fastball for a 3 run HR. The Twins tied it up in the 3rd, and took the lead for good in the 6th when Ozzie left Floyd out to dry like it was April and he needed to get his work in.

I guess you really can't be furious about Ozzie leaving Floyd in to be battered in the 6th since the bullpen has been so awful, but really...double, walk, double, single, sacrifice fly, walk, in a game where your starter has already struggled, and you don't interrupt that after the second double or after the 4th straight guy comes to the plate? Mercy.

Chris Sale looked dominant out of the pen. Yeah, he continues to walk too many guys. He never had this problem in the college ranks, but now that he's in the majors more patient hitters are working him over a bit more. But his stuff is legit. A 96 MPH fastball that comes from the side similar to Thornton's so it's tailing hard in on righties and hard away on lefties. Great starting pitch, going to be hard to hit. Sale snapped off a changeup in this game that had real good movement, and that curveball from his windup is the pitch we always dreamed Thornton would develop; sharp break, but you can't pick it up from his windup. He keeps that arm healthy and this kid has few limits.



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