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White Sox trade Daniel Hudson and David Holmberg for Edwin Jackson


White Sox fan, Dr. of Geology

The White Sox have acquired pitcher Edwin Jackson from the Arizona Diamondbacks for pitchers Daniel Hudson and David Holmberg.

There are so many reasons to dislike this deal it's hard for me to narrow it down. I don't know if there's been a single deal KW has made that I've disliked as much as this one.

Let me open by making this comparison.

Trading: A young, barely to the big leagues starting pitcher who's under your control for 6+ years for an older, expensive, pitcher with a good fastball who pencils in at best at the tail end of your rotation at best and who is struggling like Hell in a weaker league, and who may well be worse than the young guy not only next season but even this season?

Sound like the Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir deal to anyone else?

There's so many reasons why this is a bad trade it's not even funny. Edwin Jackson has been flat out bad, in the NL, the clear weaker hitting league. The average rule that Verducci published in SI a couple years ago is; when a pitcher moves from the NL to the AL, if all things stay the same, his ERA goes up by an average of 0.9 runs. Jackson's going to an even better HR hitters ballpark right now.

Jackson's career numbers against the Twins are poor, so there's no logic there. Jackson was bad in the 2nd half last year, with an ERA above 5, so there's no logic there.

The White Sox probably have about $100 million to spend on contracts next year. Edwin Jackson is under contract for $8 million. With the guys we have under contract for next season, Buehrle, Floyd, Jackson, Linebrink, Peavy, Pierre, Ramirez, Rios, Teahen, Thornton, Viciedo = $76.45M in 2011. Add in $8 million for D1 and $5 million for Quentin in arbitration, and now we're basically at $90 million committed, with no one to play 1b/DH, 3b filled by Teahen again, no catcher, no closer, and a couple arms missing in the bullpen.

This is an abjectly awful deal. The Sox vastly overpaid in a deal that likely doesn't even make us better this year. Hudson could put up an ERA of 6 this year.

The only saving grace I could come up with is that maybe Cooper is off saying to KW that he can take Jackson down the hallway and in 10 minutes turn him into a 20 game winner, a-la what he did with Matt Thornton. Otherwise, this is a remarkably bad deal for the White Sox.

On top of that, the White Sox now have Lucas Harrell starting tonight. Harrell has a 1.4 WHIP and 4.24 ERA in Charlotte this year. He's done nothing to show he's going to be effective against big league hitting. Maybe we hope for a miracle, but basically, it looks to me like getting this deal done, we've thrown away any chance at a win tonight. With a narrow 1.5 game lead over the Twins, that win might be just a little important, ya think? Plus, if Harrell struggles early, that eats up your bullpen for the rest of the weekend, and Putz has thrown the last 2 games already. 



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