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Rival News: Chances Are, Nathan's Season Over

Mario Scalise

As if it being less than a month from opening day wasn't exciting enough for White Sox fans, this news comes out today on Twins "closer" Joe Nathan.

When Twins All-Star closer Joe Nathan went to Minnesota on Monday to have an MRI and CT scan on his sore right elbow, he and the Twins were expecting encouraging news...

On Tuesday morning, however, the news Nathan delivered was not good. He was diagnosed with what was termed a "significant tear" to the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. To repair it would require Tommy John surgery and he would miss the 2010 season, but Nathan will not immediately opt for that. Instead, he will rest and rehab, working to build up the elbow over the next week or two.

This may change the way the central unfolds this year, especially for the Twins, who now not only have to see if they can win away from the Metrodome, but see if they can win without Nathan in the back of their pen.

But they remain the Twins, and at least against the Sox, they'll find a way to keep Sox fans frustrated.



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Jeff Buchanan said:


I feel similarly to Paul Konerko on the issue, here's a quote from him:
"My feeling on this is it's something about the Twins and the way I feel about the Twins, it always seems like when someone goes down or leaves - and this might be a little different wrinkle for them because I don't think they have had somebody like this go down - but when you look at a [Joe] Mauer or [Justin] Morneau or a starting pitcher that's gone down, it always seems like they've had someone waiting there that you've never heard of that comes in and has a career year,'' Konerko said. "It always seems like they have an ace up their sleeves.

Sure this hurts the Twins, which in turn helps us, but I don't suddenly expect the Sox to be overwhelming favorites in the Central. If Mauer went down that would be a different story, but Nathan is only a closer.

Mario Scalise said:


Couldn't agree more.

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