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Rumor: Sox Closing in On Damon

Jason Gage

Accountant By Day, Sports Analyst By Night is hearing good things from one of its sources this morning in regards to the Johnny Damon situation.  This information is consistent with what Cowley reported two days ago and reiterated yesterday in regards to the front office being confident that Damon will choose the White Sox. Our source indicated that one of the new reasons for optimism appears to be related to the fact that the Tigers offer might not be as large and/or long as originally suspected. 



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JimH. said:

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Two offers are out there and maybe a third (Braves). Boras is doing what Boras does, trying to squeeze money, contract value and so on. Damon is waiting it out to see if he gets an even bettr deal than what's already out there. This is no surprise to anyone who follows Boras' 411.

Not to WCSox, who once again found it necessary to bring my name up at SoxTalk ... Not a split personality at all. Just straightforward and direct as always, with no tolerance for smarm or drunken BS. I see you got into yet another tiff on the board yesterday. Now why am I not surprised? Do they have mirrors you can look in out there in Oregon?

Further, if there is such a rabid insistence on keeping things on topic over there, why am I brought up? Why aren't those posts deleted as soon as they are posted? Trolling is ok at SoxTalk because the guy you're trolling doesn't post there any more?

Hello, SoxTalk ownership. Paging you ... AGAIN. Do something about it for once.

Jason Gage said:


How quickly the tide turn. Sox got tired of waiting on Boras and pull the offer. Doesn't mean it is gone for good as Kenny left everything open.

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