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Sox and Rays Discuss Jenks; Crawford for Quentin Swap

Jason Gage

Accountant By Day, Sports Analyst By Night

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays have had numerous discussions this off-season involving not only Bobby Jenks but apparently a deal that would have sent Carlos Quentin to the Rays for Carl Crawford.

SoxNet's Take:

In a fantasy world, a Quentin for Crawford deal might make sense. Crawford would instantly fill the Sox void at the top of the order, upgrade the team speed, and provide improved outfield defense. However, MLB isn't a fantasy league, and trading a guy, who is under team control for four years, is cheap, and possesses MVP potential (see 2008 season) for a guy who makes $10 million a year and will be a free agent at the end of the up-coming season makes absolutely zero sense.

While a Quentin/Crawford deal doesn't make sense for the Sox a Jenks trade would make perfect sense. A Jenks trade would provide the Sox with much needed financial flexibility, a prospect or two, and fill the Rays biggest need (closer). The question is what it would cost to pry Jenks from Chicago, and as of now, the Rays are balking at the Sox demands, but with very few premium closers on the market, that may change.

 Ozzie's Take:

''A lot of people know what the White Sox need because Kenny talks to so many teams,'' Guillen said. ''Obviously, we need a leadoff hitter, left fielder, we're looking for that. But right now Carlos is prepared to have a pretty good year. The last 10 games of the season, he was the Carlos we expected.

''To make that trade there is a lot of money involved. [Crawford] is making a lot of money. Personally, I don't think we have enough money to cover that. Second of all, Carlos is younger and I think we can get Carlos to have more production than what he had this past year. Kenny hasn't said anything to me, but ... rumors are rumors, and that's what the winter meetings are all about.''



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Jason Gage said:


A Crawford for Quentin swap on its own, makes absolutely zero sense. As part of a bigger trade, it might make sense.

There are some talks of the Rays and Jays working on a 3-way deal which would send Halladay to Tampa and Upton/Wade Davis (top pitching spect for Rays) to Toronto. Toronto would than flip Upton and I can't lie, Upton could make a hell of a lot of sense to the Sox and they could get him from Toronto with a package starting at Tyler Flowers.

Upton is cheap, would help fill the void at the top of the order, and provide the club with a plus defensive outfielder. A young OF of Rios/Upton/Quentin could flourish ASAP, is cheap (outside of Rios) and would be under the clubs control.

Jason Gage said:


Not to mention, if the Rays did acquire Roy, they'd have to spend money on a closer since they'd be "going for it". Or at least I would think they would.

Jason Gage said:


I'm curious what the Sox are asking for Jenks, since it sounds like as of now they are asking for the moon from the Rays. I don't blame them, but given his contract, you aren't going to get a ton of top prospects for him. The question is can you do better with that $7M than Jenks (ie, use it on 2 guys, fill multiple holes, etc).

JimH. said:

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Interestingly, they can never seem to get a trade done with the Tampa Rays. I think the last one might've been Graffanino about 9 years ago, although I may be forgetting something.

Jason Gage said:


That old Ray front office was impossible to trade with. This new front-office seems much more willing and clearly there are some fits within the two clubs.

Jenks and Quentin would fill major holes in Tampa (Closer & Power Hitter) but I still don't know if the two clubs could agree on anything.

If something goes down, I think it will be Upton, not Crawford. Crawford makes too much and is a free agent at the end of the year.

Upton fits into the Sox strategy of buying low (although in this case, low, is still expensive), but the upside of Upton is ridiculous and he's still pretty affordable and is much more of a leadoff hitter than Crawford (just look at the OBP).

webegeek said:

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Detroit is looking at Juan Pierre. Heck, trade Jenks for Pierre. Gives us the leadoff guy, a left fielder, keeps Detroit from getting him. And he costs about what Jenks would make after arbitration.

Jason Gage said:


I wouldn't give up Jenks for Pierre, but if the Sox wanted Pierre they could get him. Linebrink would be the starting point but the Dodgers would most certainly have to send over some additional cash on top of it.

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