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Rosenthal: Royals, Giants, Tigers, Cubs, and Sox Interested in Scott Podsednik

Jason Gage

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Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Cubs are all contending with the White Sox for the services of free agent Scott Podsednik. Rosenthal is probably accurate about the other teams, but the Sox interest in Podsednik has waned over recent weeks, so much so that Williams has told the media on multiple occasions that the Sox have “moved-on”.

The club has tried and failed on multiple occasions to sign the rejuvenated Podsednik to a contract this off-season, but at the right price, and with Podsednik continuing to insist on a three year deal worth upwards of $18 million, he can and should look elsewhere.

SN Take:
Look, it is easy to admire what Pods did for the Sox last season. He was waived by Colorado, signed a minor league contract, and worked his way into the full-time starting lineup. In a season where nothing went right, his resurgence was one of the lone bright spots, but the Sox need to, and appear to, be looking at the big picture. Podsednik is an injury prone, poor defensive baseball player, at the wrong side of thirty, who relies on his speed to have success. Factor in a declining stolen base rate and poor base-running skills and we are talking about a pedestrian player, asking for a three year deal, whose actually getting worse, not better. Better options exist and the Sox need to look no further than Coco Crisp.

I’d write more about why Crisp would be a great fit, but Kalapse of, does an exceptional job summing up why Crisp, who has the same career batting average as Podsednik (.277), is a better option for the Sox:

Since 2006:

Crisp: 83/102 in SB = 81% 
Pods: 94/135 in SB = 70%

Since 2005 Crisp has been picked off 12 times, 22 in his career. 12 of the 22 were picked off caught stealing. (much more forgivable, usually going on first move.)

In 2009 alone Pods was picked off 11 times, 53 in his career. 17 of the 53 were picked off caught stealing. There’s a significant difference in base running, defense and price.



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Jason Gage said:


Pods is fine, but there are a lot of innate flaws that come with him. Poor Defense, Bad Base-Running, and an injury riddled past.

I realize there was a lot of talk about him changing in the clubhouse though and "getting it", but there is absolutely no way you pay 18 million over 3 years based upon an assumption as small as that.

The serious flaws exist and if the club signs him it should be for small dollars. Especially with Crisp out there and in my mind, if he's healhty (missed the 2nd half of last year with shoulder surgery), Crisp is a better fit anyway.

Ideal fit, no, but for the money a much better fit than Pods. I think you are better off getting a top flight DH and Crisp than spending 3-4 M each on your DH and LF as I think that will give you two less than stellar players.

I'd rather have one less than stellar player and one pretty good player.

JimH. said:

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Pods wants to play for the White Sox but he and his agent also feel he's worth more in years and money than the White Sox will pay. So now it's a question of can Pods get a better deal elsewhere; I think he can and will. And there will be no hard feelings. Bottom line here is the White Sox need to get better defensively and they don't want to commit multiple years because they've got two young players knocking on the door in Danks and Mitchell.

This whole thing could drag on for a while, quite possibly well into January, Market values for a lot of these guys haven't been established and many teams are still on Plan A whereas a guy like Pods is typically Plan B.

Jason Gage said:


Levine is saying that the Cubs interest in Pods is as a CF'er. That would be laughable.

I agree that this stuff will probably take a while to play out, at the same time, I don't think Kenny is afraid of moving quick, as long as the prices are right.

I just don't know if Matsui is ready to move at Williams pace as he clearly has his loyalty and wants to stay in New York, which is understandable.

Jason Gage said:


I will throw this out their. Brett Morel has no position right now, with Teahen signing a 3 year deal. Clearly the club could make room for Morel if he banged on the door a year or two from now, but he has good trade value.

Yanks don't have any clear needs, but I wonder if Morel is who they are looking at or if they'd prefer a package that included multiple lesser prospects (maybe a combination of Santeliz, Shelby, Ely, Torres, etc).

Darren said:

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figgins signed for $9M a year, how is Pods going to get $6M?

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