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White Sox Sign Andruw Jones to a 1Yr Contract

Jason Gage

Accountant By Day, Sports Analyst By Night

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago White Sox and OF Andruw Jones have reached an agreement on a 1yr, 500K contract. 


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Jason Gage said:


White Sox general manager Ken Williams said Jones will be used in a reserve role.

As long as we are using him in a reserve role, this makes a ton of sense. I had been hearing the Sox were interested in Jones and I'm glad to see it came true. Jones gives the Sox a solid power bat off the bench who can fill in at 3 OF positions.

I like this move a lot, especially since the Sox are looking at him as a BENCH player.

You got to like the versatility of a bench consisting of Vizquel/Jones/Kotsay.

Mario Scalise said:


I'll take that bench. Three veteran guys hopefully playing behind young starters.

Mario Scalise said:


Not that I would be for or against this, but I get the feeling Danks is going to be the starting CF, with Jones serving as the primary backup.

Mike Thomas said:


Like the move. Minimum financial risk. The bench is shaping up to be strong. An upgrade in the bullpen and this team could be real good.

JimH. said:

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Interesting signing. A Boras client too, I think the world just spun off its axis.

The risk here is low. If he's horrible and out of shape in spring they can cut him. I prefer to see a higher contact guy coming off the bench but it's crazy to complain about a move like this.

Mario Scalise said:


Yeah. I've never been a fan of Jones, but I'll admit he was a good player, and at 32, still may have something left. Being fat is the key. I'd really like to see him take the opportunity seriously and show up to spring training in shape. If he does that, and assuming he's ok with a bench role, I can see him producing his way into the lineup. He has to trim down though.

JimH. said:

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All things being equal, Jones' addition means at least 3 guys will be fighting for one bench spot. This assumes they carry 12 pitchers which has been the recent norm.

1. Backup catcher
2. Vizquel
3. Kotsay
4. Jones
5. ???

Candidates include: DeAza, Lillibridge, Nix, Retherford

It appears they're going to rotate the DH spot per KW and Guillen. So they will need a guy who can play multiple positions. It will be interesting to see what they do.

I still think they will land Crisp. He adds speed and defense and although not ideal as a leadoff hitter he isn't the worst option either. If they get Crisp, it would seem to me they'd need a guy who can play multiple positions, do the little things, pinch run, etc.

It's an ideal role for Lillibridge but unfortunately it doesn't seem like he can get the job done. Nix is mediocre anywhere but 2B and he strikes out a lot.

My dark horse is CJ Retherford because I think they'll start DeAza in AAA as I think he has an option left. Retherford to me seems like the ideal 25th man.

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