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Sox, Vizquel Closing in on 1Yr Deal

Jason Gage

Accountant By Day, Sports Analyst By Night

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Chicago White Sox are on the verge of signing Omar Vizquel to a 1 year contract worth $1 million.  Vizquel, 42, spent the 2009 season with the Rangers as a backup at SS, 3B, and 2B and batted .266 in 62 games. 


SN Take:

Vizquel makes a deep bench even deeper, providing Ozzie Guillen with a plus defensive backup at 3B, SS, and 2B.  Vizquel is also expected to serve as a mentor to Gordon Beckham and Alexei Ramirez, much like he did last season with Texas rookie SS Elvis Andrus. 


The signing won't help sell tickets, but it will put some pressure on Jayson Nix, and go a long way towards stabilizing the infield defense and clubhouse.   


Rule 5 Update:

The Chicago White Sox purchased the contracts of Brian Omogrosso (RHP), Brandon Hynick (RHP), Sergio Santos (RHP), Santos Luis (RHP), and Stefan Gartrell (OF).  The moves put the Sox 40 man roster at 37 and protect the above players from being exposed during the MLB portion of the upcoming Rule 5 Draft


Kyle McCulloch (RHP) and John Shelby III (OF) are the most noteable prospects that the Sox have exposed to the draft.  Shelby is a toolsy outfielder who was a popular pre-season break-out prospect pick in 2009 and was most recently ranked by the Hard Ball times as the Sox 10th best prospect. McCulloch is noteable only because he is the last remaining of the Sox 1st round flops under former director of scouting, Duane Shaffer. 



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JimH. said:

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By all accounts he is healthy. He'll be 43 in the new year, so it's best not to expect much. But he can help and I believe he will. He knows how to get a bunt down too.

Mario Scalise said:


Once a player hits 35 I start to question his effectiveness. Eight years later with Vizquel, from the small sample size I saw of him last season, he can still pick it defensively. I think he'll be a valuable bench player and may be a good coach/leader for both Ramirez and Beckham. Nice move.

Jason Gage said:


This move makes a whole lot of sense. Vizquel is still a plus defender at 3 infield positions (SS/3B/2B). He has also proved that he is okay with being a back-up and mentor (see Elvis Andrus) and has always been known as a very good clubhouse guy.

I expect him to be a very stabilizing force for the Sox middle infield defense and clubhouse.

Add in the fact that he can handle the bat (bunts, hit & runs,) and run the bases and this really makes the club deeper.

JimH. said:

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A little surprised they added Omogrosso to the 40 man. Didn't he go under the knife for Tommy John earlier this year?

Jeff Buchanan said:


It was a torn labrum so whatever the surgery is for that (labrum reattachment?). Pitchers very rarely recover from a torn labrum so you can probably consider him done. It's a shame too, because he had some talent.

Jason Gage said:


Yep, it was quite surprising. Omogrosso has a really good arm and I know the Sox like him a lot as a relief prospect.

My only thought is that the Sox will put him on the 60 day DL and that will prevent him from counting on the actual 40 man roster.

I just don't think a team would have claimed him, but again, maybe a team could have claimed him and DL'd him for the whole season and the Sox probably didn't want that to happen.

Just speculating as I'm not fully sure what the CBA rules are for the above.

Jason Gage said:


Starting to sound like the deal is done. We should find out the full details shortly, most of the reports are speculating at him making about 1M.

Jason Gage said:


Heyman is confirming. Sounds like the deal is done.

JimH. said:

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Proof positive, Whiny Little Girl Fathom calls in to Rongey's post game show!!

Here's a post from Rongey today on SoxTalk:

I think one of my favorite classics is the following exchange:

caller: "Why did Ozzie bring in _______ to pitch in the 8th."
me: "OK. Who would you rather have out there?"
caller: "Anybody!"
me: "Such as?"
caller: "It doesn't matter! ANYBODY!"

No real better solution, just "somebody else" should have been used. The old anybody-is-better-than-what-we-have/used argument. You can also replace the first line in that exchange with "They need to send ______'s ass down to Charlotte and bring up somebody else." Those two calls are interchangeable. It's the notion that it can't any worse than it is currently. But what they don't understand is that, yes, it most certainly could always be worse.

Hahahahahaha ... that is WLG Fathom EXACTLY on the game threads. I hope Rongey sticks around at SoxTalk and RINGS WLG FATHOM UP every time he starts his inevitable stupidity next year. Rongey may as well do it because no one else there is willing to solve the problem (except for Mike, whose hands are tied).

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