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Ozzie Guillen to Join Fox as World Series Analyst

Mario Scalise

Ozzie Guillen, baseball analyst? Yep. In a likely attempt for ratings, Fox Sports is bringing in Guillen to be an analyst during the World Series' broadcasts. As much as I don't like these attempts at ratings -- 1) Guillen isn't the easiest person to understand and 2) he's never been media before to deserve to be an analyst for baseball's biggest series -- I'll probably now tune in to a pre-game or post-game show or two just to see how Guillen does. Ugh.



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Jason Gage said:


You can talk about Ozzie having no experience in the media, but he does deal with the media on a daily basis and puts together more entertaining clips than any manager in baseball.

Bottom line, barring the Angels getting in (for those of you that don't know, I live in Socal so they are my 2nd team), I would have had almost zero interest in the world series and would have probably only watched a few innings.

With Ozzie there, I at least plan to watch the pre and post coverage, even if I do end up ignoring the bulk of the games for the Office or something else.

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