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Rival News: Tigers Lose Third Straight

Mario Scalise

If you're the optimistic type and are searching for anything that keeps the White Sox playoff hopes alive, then the Tigers being swept by the Kansas City Royals should do the trick. The Sox are still a sizable six games out, but with six games left between the two teams and 13 games away from any of them being played, a Tigers skid could open the door for the Sox (and Twins) to at least make it interesting.

The Tigers still have three mores game left with the Royals, which these last three games proved is never easy, along with a nine straight games on the road, where they are 12 games under .500

Before that they have the benefit of playing a four-game set with the Blue Jays, who have won just eight of their last 26 games. If they take care of business, it could very well be the end for the Twins and Sox, but the Jays also have a pair of 12-game winners going that series (12 wins seems like a lot nowadays, doesn't it?). If the Tigers carry their offensive struggles from the Royals series into that one, they could find their lead down to 4-5 games with 19 left against divisional opponents.

As for the Sox, as if they already aren't in the underdog position, they're off on a six-game road trip against the Angels and Mariners, two above-.500 teams. That could be good for the optimistic. The Sox have had just as many problems, if not more, against weaker teams and have probably played their best games against better teams. Perhaps it's a recipe for overcoming great odds.

According to's standings page, the Sox have a 5.2% chance of making the playoffs, but odds of at least making it interesting aren't nearly as bad, and actually pretty realistic. It's something for the optimist.



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Jeff Buchanan said:


Well the Tigers lose, again, as do the Twins. We can't afford to let opportunities to gain ground like this slip away. Unfortunately with a shaky Floyd and a 3 run deficit in Anaheim, it's not looking good.

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