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Out of Sight: White Sox 3 Twins 4

Mario Scalise

If you were holding out hope for the White Sox's playoff chances, that hope took another hit Tuesday night, as the Twins won in walk-off fashion, beating the Sox, 4-3. The Sox are now five games under .500 and seven games out first.



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JimH. said:

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Two pride games now ... today as the last game they'll play in the Metrodome and tomorrow vs. the Cubs. It has now come down to pride.

Was a little annoyed with Konerko's comments in today's papers. Commenting on the Thome/Contreras trades and the state of the team, he basically says "that's the way it goes". That's not the type of leadership I like to see.

Mario Scalise said:


I like Konerko because he seems like a nice guy and has been good offensively and even better defensively over his long career with the Sox. But his "oh well" attitude, at least through the media, gets tiring. If he's pissed that the team's piss play led to two clubhouse favorites getting traded, he should show that emotion to the camera, at least a little.

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