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White Sox Trade Thome, Contreras

Mario Scalise

Following tonight's 4-1 loss, both Jim Thome and Jose Contreras have been traded in a final-hour waiver-wire deal; Thome to the Dodgers and Contreras to the Rockies.

While Thome was of greater value to the Sox this season, it was actually Contreras who landed the Sox more in return. The White Sox received minor league right-handed pitcher Brandon Hynick, who in 26 starts (155 innings) posted a 3.83 ERA and a K/BB ratio of 92/48.

Thome, and cash went to the Dodgers for minor league infielder Justin Fuller, who is 26 and in single-A. So essentially that deal was one to get Thome a chance to play in the playoffs. Surely the Dodgers weren't going to give a lot for a DH that will only serve as a pinch-hitter for them.

First Reaction

The White Sox traded two guys that really had no spot on the 2010 team, did so at the last possible moment, and landed themselves an above-average pitching prospect that could be fighting for a rotation spot in March. Both are good moves. Thome wasn't going to bring back any value unless an AL team expressed interest. As soon as the possibilities shifted to the NL, his value dropped. Contreras, meanwhile, still has an arm capable of shutting guys down, especially now in the NL against players who have had little little experience against him, if any at all.



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Jason Gage said:


Jose Contreras has also been traded to the rockies.

Thome has waived his no trade clause so that is done as well. No word on what the Sox are getting but my guess would be little to nothing.

Jason Gage said:


White Sox receive INF Justin Fuller in return for Thome and cash. They get pitcher Brandon Hynick from the Rockies.

Jason Gage said:


Justin Fuller is a nobody. 26 year old middle infield prospect who hasn't made it out of high A and possesses a sub .250 career minor league average.

This move must have had more to do with sending Thome elsewhere and giving him the chance to play for a contender.

Jason Gage said:


Sox get a pretty nice haul for Contereras. Evidently they get cash in return and a guy who was named the Rockies prospect of the year in 2007.

Brandon Hynick is 24 year old righty who entering this year had put up a career 3.24 ERA in 2 full minor league seasons and 1 partial season (year he was drafted) in 68 starts.

Was voted as having the best changeup in the Rockies system a couple years back by Baseball America.

Very exciting to get something like Fuller. The guys on MLB Network brought up a good point regarding Contreras, indicating that he might actually be able to put up a couple good outings in the NL where people aren't used to facing him and his forkball.

I wish Thome and Contreras the best of luck, but I'm excited we've opened up potential roster spots for Hudson and Tyler Flowers (who will be called up tomorrow).

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