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Peavy to White Sox: The Bait

SoxNet Staff

In a surprise move that started to get reported after the deadline, the White Sox acquired Jake Peavy from the San Diego. Here's more on who they coughed up...

The White Sox have sent four pitchers to San Diego.  Clayton Richard, who has a 4.65 ERA in 89 innings with the Sox, was scheduled to start tonight, but is said to be part of the deal.  Aaron Poreda, who just threw 6 innings and allowed just 1 run for the AAA Charlotte Knights last night, is also part of the deal.  Poreda had trouble with his control with the Sox, but was adjusting to being used out of the bullpen.  Poreda's fastball is a plus pitch (typically sitting in the mid 90s), but his secondary stuff needs work.  It is assumed his stuff will translate better out of the bullpen, but the Sox have used him as a starter in the minors.  The two lefties are the center pieces of the deal, but they weren't the only valuable pieces traded.

Dexter Carter is a more interesting name from the minor league perspective.  He has dominated at Low-A Kannapolis this season, but hasn't been promoted because the White Sox wanted him to work on his changeup more.  He was rated #6 in our midseason rankings.  Carter has struck out an impressive 143 batters in 118 innings, good enough to lead the South Atlantic League.  He has a 3.13 ERA and has walked 34 giving him a K:BB ratio over 4 to 1.

Carter has a fastball in the 91-93 range and a good curveball that has become more consistent.  His changeup is a work in progress, and some have questioned his ability to remain in the rotation as he moves up the minors because of his lack of a solid changeup.  After posting an ERA over 8 his junior year of college, the Sox drafted Carter in the 13th round and turned him around quickly in Rookie Great Falls by tinkering with his delivery.  He still needs to work on his delivery.  Carter has struggled to come straight towards the plate.  With former Old Dominion teammate Dan Hudson ripping up the minors, Carter seemed more expendable and is still very raw for a pitcher his age.  He has talent and has performed in Kannapolis, but still has a long way to go.

Adam Russell, currently pitching out of the Charlotte 'pen, is the fourth pitcher being reported as going to San Diego.  In 56.1 innings with the Knights, Russell has a 3.20 ERA with 51 strikeouts and 18 walks.  Last season Russell made his Major League debut and posted a 5.19 ERA in 26 innings in relief.  He was used as a starter until 2007 in Birmingham, where he split time between the rotation and the 'pen.  He hasn't made a start since that season.  Russell, 6'8", has a low 90s fastball and a good curveball.  Russell changes arm angles and sometimes throws from a 3/4 slot, unusual for such a tall pitcher.  His value is pretty minimal at this point, but Russell does have talent.

- Written by Dan Santaromita,



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Jason Gage said:


I'll be sad to see Richard and Carter go, but to get Peavy I have to completely commend Kenny. Phenomenal move!!

RichN said:

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Another reckless trade by Williams. Mortgaging the future for a guy on the DL for at least another 30 days. And it's not like Peavy will now put them into the World Series when he does pitch--this is still basically a little better than a .500 ball club which probably won't make the playoffs.
In prior trades, he plundered the future outfield; now it's the future pitching staff.
This is the baseball version of a Ponzi scheme. In 5 years when Konerko, Dye, Thome, and Pierzynski, are gone, this will be a sad team.

JimH. said:

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Please turn in your White Sox fan membership card. Seriously. This trade is for the next several years, Peavy is just entering his prime and is under control thru 2013. What is the matter with some people. I understand being upset giving up prospects but you just got a young ace entering his prime.

Dan Santaromita said:


You're right. There are just some people that hate giving up anything to get something. The Sox paid proper value for Peavy. It's a trade the Sox still probably win. If Peavy does his thing for his time with the Sox, I'd still be ok with the trade if Poreda becomes an above average reliever and one of Richard/Carter becomes an average starter.

Jason Gage said:


First off, welcome aboard. Second off, I'm quite curious as to who the future outfield Kenny traded away?

I assume you are speaking of Ryan Sweeney, Aaron Cunningham, and Chris Young?

I'd like to point out that both Young and Sweeney could be acquired relatively easy, in fact, you couldn't combine both of those pieces and get Javier Vazquez.

Now Aaron Cunningham, sure, that was clearly a poor deal as Richar has not panned out and Cunnigham has pretty good trade value.

This move isn't just for this year, although I happen to think the Sox are going to surprise a lot of people because I really think they win the World Series.

But even if they don't make the playoffs, Peavy will be around for a while and that is a really good thing. He's got the best ERA in baseball dating back over the past 3 years (with guys with at least 300 innings) and is one of the rare "true" aces around.

The Sox got him giving up one top 50 prospect (Aaron Poreda). That is absolutely remarkable. I still think Dex Carter and Clayton Richard are the guys with the potential of making you go, aww shucks, but I would be stunned if either of them ever come close to doing what Peavy has done (and hopefully what he will do).

Dan Santaromita said:


This wasn't a trade for this year. That's pretty clear. Peavy can help the team in September and if they get to the playoffs, it's a big boost, but considering the injury the team is similar to where it was. However, for the next few years you have a great 1-4. It's Kenny's way of adding for this year without giving away the future.

RichN said:

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This might have been fair value for Peavy under normal conditions--such as they were in May, when other teams were also interested in Peavy and he was healthy. This time there were no other suitors PLUS he's on the DL for possibly the rest of the year. Additionally, San Diego was desperate to dump his salary. One writer in the San Diego paper said that they would have taken "a bag of balls and a rosin bag to be named later" (or at least would have been happy with only Carter and Russell). I'm sure they feel they got a steal--kind of what Billy Beane of Oakland has done to Williams more than once.
Williams didn't do due dilligence in being unaware of San Diego's financial plight or else he would have downgraded his original offer from May.
Finally, don't be surprised if this huge bump in payroll means some big money guy has to go--my guess is Jermaine Dye.

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