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Joe Cowley: Sox Interested in Dan Haren and Cliff Lee

Jason Gage

Accountant By Day, Sports Analyst By Night

Joe Cowley from the Sun Times reported in a radio interview that the Chicago White Sox might be interested in acquiring Indians ace Cliff Lee or Diamondbacks ace Dan Haren. Cowley went on to say that Octavio Dotel mentioned he might be part of a "3 team deal" which would send Lee to the White Sox. Gavin Floyd is the name Cowley through out as the potential "centerpiece" of a Dan Haren Deal.

My Take:

Cliff Lee and Dan Haren are two of the best pitcher in baseball. They've both shown that they can dominate the AL (Haren put up good seasons with the A's) and would give the Sox a rotation which would improve their chances of making the playoffs and winning in the playoffs.

The cost for Haren will be steap (moreso than Lee) though and I don't see Cliff Lee as a realistic option (you don't trade numerous prospects to a division contender).

Ultimately,trading Floyd (and prospects) for Haren doesn't improve your rotation as much as you'd think. Yes, Haren is on a whole other level than Gavin Floyd, but the Sox would be better off acquiring a lesser arm to plug into the rotation (or pen) instead of giving up one of the big three (Buehrle/Floyd/Danks) and prospects for Haren.

If the Sox could acquire Haren for prospects than that is the move Kenny should do and I think it might be the move we see the Sox make (to go along with a lefty reliever). The offer should start at Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Dan Hudson, and Tyler Flowers (or Jordan Danks). 

What do you think of the rumors? Would you be willing to trade Gavin Floyd and prospects for Dan Haren? Would the Dbacks be interested in my proposed package? Would you be willing to make a deal with a divisional contender (Cleveland) to get Cliff Lee?



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Mario Scalise said:


I really like Dan Haren, and would easily take him over Floyd (although Floyd has grown on me quite a bit). But I like depth more. If getting Haren means really putting a hole in our depth, whether in the rotation or the lineup, I'm not sure it makes the Sox good enough.

I like Cliff Lee, and since he's pitched in the AL for all these years, you know what you are getting, but we already have three lefties and the prospects you'd have to give up, to a divisional opponent no less, would probably be too much.

JimH. said:

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Mario, there are young guys the White Sox will part with and for the most part, that's what other teams want, younger players. Certain guys have been scouted in AA and AAA, Lucas Harrel being one. From what I have been told, and my source is close (but certainly not infallible), KW and Hahn are looking for three things: top of the rotation guy (duh, we knew that), another bullpen arm, and a multipurpose player who can add a spark.

Teahan is a guy the Sox like, they love Haren but I think the Gavin Floyd thing is overblown. They are very happy with Gavin. Poreda is in play as are a few guys at Winston-Salem and Birmingham. We'll see. I was told yesterday KW is in bunker mentality. Things can change on a moments notice and often do during these last few days before the deadline.

Jason Gage said:


I'm surprised we haven't heard anything. It's actually probably a good thing since Kenny typically operates in "stealth" mode.

I'm very interested to see who the Sox trade and what they ultimately do cause it seems like teams are asking for a ton right now, but I expect prices will ultimately drop, especially with more and more teams becoming "sellers" (Cincy is now a seller).

Jason Gage said:


Just an update but it sounds as if Cliff Lee is headed to Philly for 4 of the Phils top 10 prospects. Great move by the Phils and a HAHA to JP Riptarded in Toronto.

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