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Hey there. Thanks for stopping by.

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So, who the heck am I? I am a stay-at-home feminist (and a meagerly paid blogger) who needs a healthy outlet for her my husband's really, really tired of hearing my rants. I guess you could say this blog is a marriage saver.

My energies change by the day and so does my blog. Just what it's about, I cannot really say. I guess if I have to put a finger on it, I'd say SO NOT AN EXPERT: BUT WILLING TO COMMENT ON MOST THINGS covers everything and nothing...sort of like the Seinfeld show, only not nearly as funny.

The world doesn't need another "expert" to tell you how to run your life or what to think, does it? So let me, an average Jane, tell it like I see it. You just might find we have a lot in common, if you're average. Or maybe not and that's OK.

I do hope to put a fresh spin on all sort of topics, while providing something educational, or interesting, or maybe a teeny bit humorous. Over the years, I've learned to see things with a fresh eye (literally, since I lost my glasses six years ago) and love to ferret out the humor in normal everyday life.

As my mother used to say, "I laugh to keep from crying." Yes, there are those days, but mostly I laugh because it's fun and therapeutic and healthy.

All told, my husband and I have four children, ages 19, 13, 12, and 11, two cats, and a dog. Together they cost me a fortune in food. Which is why I started blogging. Just kidding. It's to earn a little extra money for the college accounts.

The kids seem to need me less and less as the years go by (guess that's how it's supposed to work--and exactly the look I'm going for) and so to fill my spare time I got a dog. And I blog. My plan is to return to full-time work when my youngest leaves for college. So, if you know of an opening five years down the line, keep me posted. :)

We currently reside in the western suburbs of Chicago. My adult single years, however, were mostly spent in Lincoln Park.

Life BC (before children) included stints as a general assignment reporter for radio, an editor in publishing, a director of marketing communications/public relations for a software company, and an assistant publisher/marketing coordinator of a trade journal. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1990 with a B.A. in mass communication.

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