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Worst Halloween Candy: Don't Hand Out These Gross Treats this Halloween

Apparently, we've been known to hand out some really lame treats for Halloween.Inside our big and tacky orange plastic bowl specially reserved for trick or treaters, my kids have been mortified to see bags of pumpkin-shaped pretzels, Almond Joys, snack-sized bags of regular chips, witch-shaped pads of paper, maze books, cute ghost stickers, and bat-themed pencils.I don't know...something tells me we don't quite have as bad a reputation as say someone who hands out one of these disgusting delicacies from...

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kirbs said:


these would have been helpful when I lived in Itasca - I went through dozens of bags!

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


They are definite crowd/traffic control devices--probably for years afterward!

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


Via MBM on Facebook:

"those were really really nasty ... cant believe a company even makes them ... but I guess there is a market for everything ..."

To which I replied,

"I know! I think it's the Jackass revolution, which my husband and son can't get enough of. :)"

Diana Durkes said:


Easter candy. Restaurant mints. Peanuts in the shell. And the real horror, popcorn balls.

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


Ah, Easter candy. I also have resorted to using that up. Those leftovers also work well in pinatas. :) I love popcorn balls! Love the idea of peanuts...I outta try that this year!

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