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Is This Really the Real Jessica Simpson?

When I first heard Jessica Simpson posed for the May issue of Marie Claire without a stitch of makeup, I thought, this is an opportunity to show girls that no celebrity really looks the way the do in photos....that this was a great role model moment.Now I'm not so sure. Not because she wasn't brave. My goodness, that takes a lot of guts. Being 41, silver-haired, and without natural eyebrows, I rarely leave the house without something unnatural applied to...

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Bumsteer said:


Is Proactive considered a makeup?

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


I don't think so, isn't that a medicated creme sort of thing for acne and pimples?

Jenny Milk said:


love this post! she's def. wearing some makeup around the eyes..she's just not doing it up celeb makeup style. she's probably wearing the amount of makeup the rest of us do on a regular basis

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


You are probably right, but wouldn't you think if you're going to make such a big deal out of it, you'd at least be TOTALLY honest??

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