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Follow Up to "Where America's Same Sex Couples Live"

Remember my post with the map showing where same sex couples live?  Well, my main squeeze, Justin, sent me this today and I thought...interesting...and disturbing:

As a person who considers her cousins with the same regard she does her siblings, the idea of marrying one of them is pretty repulsive.  However, the U.S. is one of the only countries to ban unions between these couples who have a 2-3% higher risk of having children with serious birth defects than non-cousin couples. If you want more info on it try  Here they give some fun facts (my main man Einstein married his first cousin) and explain that no where in the bible is it written that one shouldn't marry a first cousin.  In fact it's condoned...oh the bible and it's infinite wisdom.

I suppose that I can't get down on cousin couples if I want to advocate for same sex marriage. Knowing adults should be able to love who they want.  I do think there need to be laws governing genetic testing of these couples, considering the true genetic risks affecting offspring of such closely related spouses.

Also, makes a great point, "This is the problem with sleeping with your cousin. You can move on from an ex-spouse or ex-lover, but there's no such thing as an ex-cousin."



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Alicia Eler said:


No surprise that Alaska is on the states that allow first cousins to marry list. Maybe that explains Sarah Palin.

borg said:


So you use bigotry to make a point about the evils of bigotry. Why shouldn't consenting adults be able to marry?

Snapper said:

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How is "As a person who considers her cousins with the same regard she does her siblings, the idea of marrying one of them is pretty repulsive. " any different than "As a heterosexual, I find homosexuality repulsive."?

It's not. You and I may have relationships with our cousins that are way too close for us to even consider anything intimate with one of them, but lots of people grow up not even knowing their cousins.

This is a weak and bigoted argument - the flip side of lunatics who compare same-sex marriage to bestiality. There is some very sound logic on the side of same-sex marriage rights, why pander?

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