Sex and the Windy City

I am officially Chicago's Worst Poet


taken from Oprah's Twitter.

In honor of Bad Poetry Day, the fabulous Amy Guth of Chicago Subtext, held a contest to determine who Chicago's worst poets were. Contestants had to choose from a list of random words and create the most horrific poem they could think up. My list involved the following words: insinuate, skip, tweet, deactivate, fluttering, leap, bites, sleeping, run, thinking - which, of course, immediately made me think of Oprah.

I am filled with awe and disdain for myself since I was chosen as one of the winners of this contest. It looks like my degree in Creative Writing finally paid off. You're welcome, Mom and Dad!
Go to Chicago Subtext to read my horrendous poem about a jilted love affair with Oprah.

Some highlights include:

You may have blocked my Twitter account
But you can never deactivate MY SOUL!


It's OKAY, my love. Your passive-aggressiveness is like poetry to me.
I'll be thinking of you when I drink my Acai Berry cocktail - I named it after you -




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GeekToMe said:


LOL. Sorry, but I think your poem is full of AWESOME. I may not know good poetry, but I know what I like.

'You can never deactivate my soul' is SO going into my avatar sig!

Anna Pulley said:


Thanks GeekToMe. I think YOU'RE full of awesome.

Stephanie Walker said:


I agree with GeekToMe. And I love Oprahwesome. You should grab that url!

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