No Spain, No Gain

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In 2008 Sarah moved back to Chicago after six years in Los Angeles. While in LA, she worked as an Associate Producer at Fox Sports Net and did freelance acting, hosting and radio gigs. She managed to escape La-La Land with minimal brain damage and a renewed appreciation for Chicago, the greatest sports town in the world.

Back in the Windy City, Sarah co-hosts "Chicago's Best" on WGN TV,  the "Coors Light Fantasy Players Minute" online and does freelance reporting, writing and radio work for a variety of outlets, including The Big Ten Network, Chicago Tribune Red Eye and A graduate of Cornell University, Second City alum and former collegiate and Junior Olympic athlete, Sarah combines intelligence and an acerbic wit with a deep love for sports. If she wasn't writing blogs and hosting TV shows, she'd be teaching "Sarcasm as a Second Language."

Sarah thinks Edwardo's pizza is the best in the city, Uggs should never be worn with miniskirts and proper grammar is paramount to success. She believes one can never be too competitive and that her "unhealthy" obsession with Michael Jordan is perfectly healthy. When she grows up, Sarah wants to be Kenny Mayne. 

"No Spain, No Gain"
is Sarah's take on Chicago sports. Expect a little of this, a handful of that and a healthy dose of this kind of thing.  

No Spain, No Gain

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