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The Cubs/White Sox Rivalry Is Heating Up! (Or, How to Use Stereotypes to Pull Chicks)


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Ladies, it looks like just sporting your team's ballcap isn't enough anymore. If you really wanna make a statement, you gotta be willing to put your heart--and your lips--on the line for your club.

The Cubs/White Sox rivalry isn't just about baseball anymore, it's about love, too. If you're a REAL fan, you don't just root for your team, you limit your romantic interests to those who cheer for the MLB franchise of your choosing.

If you love the Sox SO much that you're willing to turn down that tall, blue-eyed, six-pack sportin' North Sider at your local watering hole, then you need one of these:

And the best part about Victoria's Secret's new line of shirts is that it makes it easy for guys to know what a girl's "type" is.  If you know what team she loves, you know what kind of man she loves!

So guys, when you spot one of these gals, just follow this handy slideshow guide and you'll be in like Flynn.

WARNING: If you actually spot a girl wearing one of these tees, she's probably 12. Proceed with caution. And if she's in her twenties/thirties and wearing one of these tees, proceed with caution for a whole different set of reasons.



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Eric From The Dugs said:


I want to see a picture of the Royals girl looking confusedly at the logo on her hat.

SarahSpain said:


And with the absence of a Pirates tee, VS is telling us that Pirates fans, like the team, are simply unlovable.

SP said:


The "I only kiss Reds fans" shirt will be offered in sizes L, M, S, XS, and Aaron Miles.

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