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I'm both happy to announce that I have a new gig and sad to announce that No Spain, No Gain is coming to an end.

I've taken a job with ESPN 1000 as a Sportscenter Anchor and reporter, and will also being doing some work for It was an offer too good to pass up and I'm extremely excited to get started on the air Monday! Proud to be repping the ladies--there aren't many of us in Chicago radio!

The good news is, I won't have to say goodbye to ChicagoNow altogether. I'll still be sharing my thoughts on food, people, places, parties and events in this great city of ours on the Chicago's Best blog. (The show launches THIS SUNDAY at 10pm on WGN, so be sure to watch!!!)

I've had a blast writing No Spain, No Gain and I truly appreciate all the awesome folks who chimed in with their opinions or gave me cool stories and events to share. It's been great getting to know everybody at ChicagoNow through the tweet-ups and the ChicagoNow Radio show, so I'm happy that I'll get to continue to call all the writers here "co-workers" of sorts. Special thanks to Jimmy Greenfield, Dan Zampillo, Kristin Decker and Matt Mattucci for being all-around awesome.

No Spain, No Gain may be closing for business, but you'll see and hear plenty of me on ESPN 1000, and Chicago's Best on WGN. (I know, I know, I think I'M already sick of me.)

For now, I will leave you with this--to get you through the many Hump Days to come...




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Marc Harshbarger said:


Congratulations on your groovy new gigs, Sarah! I wish you all the best!

John Talarico said:


Good luck at ESPN!

SarahSpain said:


thanks guys!

Lauren Strec said:


Awww! But at the same time: THAT IS SO AWESOME! We def need more chicks; and it's a bonus that you're hot too! Congrats! This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

Bex said:


I'm hearing you every 20 minutes now! yay being the person for the Waddle and Silvy show! So exciting!

SarahSpain said:


thanks Bex!

bigwhisker said:


What am I going to do without my weekly hump-day pictures? Hah! Congrats...and may you have many hot hump days this summer in Chicago! =D =D

*dan bradley said:


I'm not sure if you've got the face for radio.

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