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Commence Dramatic Lead-Up to Epic World Cup


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As if the start of baseball and the impending NHL and NBA playoffs weren't enough, now sports fans can add in the hype and excitement leading up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Whether or not you're a fan of soccer, you've gotta admit that there's a special appeal to the Cup being held in post-apartheid South Africa, a country literally held together by "the beautiful game."

ESPN's World Cup ad campaign debuts on the airwaves and the interwebs today with this spot, set in the prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in captivity.

[HT to old friend Alex]



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Gunzaan said:


This is absolutely not an insult to you, Ms. Spain, because this is a giant world-wide event and will be endlessly shoved down our throats by the media, but not too many people in this country care about soccer. This event will be covered and plastered all over ESPN and the internet, but when it is over, very few in this country will care. The US is lucky because we have professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey to watch instead of soccer. The rest of the world is forced to watch this boring-ass sport filled with sissies who fake injuries left and right.

Scott said:

I don't think people are being 'forced' to watch soccer anywhere.

Initechie said:


Right, no one cares, that's why it's the #1 sport played by American children...the media is definitely strapping us down a la Alex DeLarge and forcing us to watch the World Cup.

SarahSpain said:


No offense taken. The good thing about No Spain, No Gain is I get to write about everything (i.e. whatever I want!) and the reader can pick and choose what he/she is interested in. You can skip all the soccer articles--I'll forgive you.

Gunzaan said:


Initechie - The only reason you would respond like that is because the truth hurts. Soccer is the #3 most popular sport played by US kids and the only reason it is that high is because it is a lot safer for kids, as opposed to football and hockey. It's okay if you like soccer... go run along and play and let the big boys deal with the real sports. :)

Initechie said:


Enjoy your ignorance, Gunzaan.

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