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THE DARTBOARD: Ducks' Wisniewski Levels Former Teammate with a B.S. Cheap Shot


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I'm pretty sure Wisniewski is a Polish name, and yet somehow James Wisniewski had the luck o' the Irish on St. Patty's Day. The Ducks defenseman sent former teammate Brent Seabrook to the locker room with a brutal, totally B.S. hit on Wednesday night and he was awarded a mere two minutes for charging on the play.

It all started when Seabrook put a clean hit on the Ducks' Corey Perry midway through the second period. Moments later, well after the puck had left Seabrook's stick, he was drilled into the boards by Wisniewski, who had his arms and stick above his head and left his feet to deliver the hit. Seabrook was knocked out immediately and slumped down to the ice, but was able to skate off on his own.

Watch video of the hit to see for yourself. (I recommend watching on mute, as the idiot announcers see Seabrook's getting KO'd as "selling" the hit at first.)

The hit was a head shot, clearly delivered with the intent to injure AND Wiz left his feet. It was a disrespectful, dangerous play and something you never wanna see a former Hawk do to an old teammate.

For reacting inappropriately to a clean hit, for delivering a premeditated cheap shot and for taking Seabrook out of the game...

James Wisniewski, welcome to THE DARTBOARD.




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Christine said:

That complete idiot/douchebag has gotta be suspended for that. Seabs' face after the hit was horrifying.

Those officals should be fired while the NHL's at it too. HORRIBLE NO CALLS

But, I'm surprised Eags or Bur didnt try to go after him. Hell, I would and I'm 5'1".

SarahSpain said:


Definitely surprised there weren't more scraps with Wiz. You never wanna take yourself out of a game to make a point, but there was an opportunity for retaliation and they never took it.

Garner said:

The only Hawk showing effort was freaking VERSTEEG... I love the kid, but not his job. Where is Eager? Where is Burish?

Christine said:

Overall, it was disappointing. Steeg tried to stir something up, but it was too little too late. After that hit, I was expecting a line brawl. Nope, didn't happen.

Wiz is a 100% CLASS ACT. We better hear an apology come out of his mouth by tomorrow. That's absolutley no way to treat a former teammate, a fellow hockey player, and a friend. Unacceptable. Absolutley unacceptable.

Brian White said:


Well said Sarah. Good thing I'm great at darts. When can we expect real and difficult questions facing managers.

detroitsucks said:

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The announcers did apologize for saying that...

Chris Falco said:

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Kinda shocking, I was actually watching the videos of you and wiz in Rockford , rehabbing last year

he is dead to me

IHF said:

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What videos in Rockford do you refer to? Obvious that you know Wiz played two games with Rockford with one of them being his first and only hat trick. Are you in Rockford?

Chris Falco said:

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there's a few mouthpiece sports videos interviewing Wiz in rockford, I thought it was Sarah Spain, but on second viewing, it's not, she did do a few interviews with Wiz at other points of his rehab.

I live in Sycamore, so I'm between the hawks and hogs, and actually get out to the orange box than the UC.

IHF said:

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Sarah has been to several Rockford games.

IHF said:

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League has announced an appropriate 8 game suspension that will cost Wiz somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000.

As Phil Esposito stated, the players have seemed to have lost respect for each other. From this point on I would NEVER refer to Wiz as having class.

SarahSpain said:


Yeah, I did some stories w/ Wiz when he was rehabbing but I had another shoot when he was down in Rockford so a different reporter covered it.

Sad to see him act like such a punk out there last night.

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