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Will Cornell Get Its Hollywood Ending?


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Watch tonight's game with fellow Cornell alums at
Harry Caray's Wrigleyville!

Tip-off is at 8:57pm Central--see you there!

I wrote a guest spot on tonight's Cornell/Kentucky game for the site One Great Season. Check out a snippet...

Any Given Thursday: Cornell Aims For Hollywood Ending

Thursday night when Cornell takes on Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament, Hollywood better be watching.

Forget "Hoosiers," the tale of the Big Red taking on Big Blue has enough intrigue to make Oliver Stone commission the screenplay for "Any Given Thursday." Just look at the way the villain and underdog roles are already fleshed out.

A team that's won seven NCAA Championships and a team that's only appeared in seven NCAA Tournament games. A bunch of "one-and-done" freshmen taking on a group of "one last run" seniors. A coach who's worked his way around the rules against a coach who's worked his way up the ranks. Kids playing for the scholarship money and a chance at the NBA and kids playing for the love of the game and a chance to take a break from studying.

The screenwriter won't need to create new characters, either; these Cornell heroes already boast dramatic Hollywood story lines...

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Eric From The Dugs said:


Do Cornell alums gather to watch basketball in cardigans?

LarrytheBigMan said:


It should be "its" ending, not their. Cornell is singular. Just tryin' to help!

SarahSpain said:


I was mulling over that myself, Larry. Sometimes we say of Cornell: "they are a Cinderella team" and other times it's "Cornell is destined for greatness." It could go either way, but for you, I changed it. : )

And Eric, totally. With ascots and penny loafers for the guys and Lily Pulitzer skirts and mary janes for the gals.

Eric From The Dugs said:


Golf claps for scoring. "Tally-Ho's" if it's a buzzer beater.

Anyhow, good luck, and good article.

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