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Finally! A Fantasy League For Your Metrosexual Boyfriend


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It's 6pm on a Thursday night, you're already mostly blasted after an hour at buy-one-get-one-free Happy Hour and it dawns on you: you haven't set your fantasy lineups yet. You've still got a half hour to plug in Ben Roethlisberger and Josh Cribbs before the Steelers and the Browns take the field, but your fantasy-ignorant boyfriend refuses to leave the bar early.

Doesn't it suck when your significant other just doesn't *get* your addiction to fantasy sports? Now there's a solution.

US Weekly knows that couples who play together, stay together, so they've introduced a special fantasy league for your metrosexual boyfriend.

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Every team is made up of 25 celebs, but only ten will make each week's roster. Your boyfriend will earn points every time one of his starting ten makes an appearance in that week's US Weekly. Thank god he always has on E! News while he's flat-ironing his hair, 'cause he knows that homebodies like Julia Roberts won't get him anywhere; he's better off with a spotlight-hungry d-leaguer like Khloe Kardashian.

Imagine the joyous hours you two will share, snuggling on the couch while you set your line-ups together. You agonizing over whether to start Matt Forte or Felix Jones, he torn between a recently slimmed-down Kelly Osbourne and a just-out-of-rehab Charlie Sheen. Sunday afternoons when you're keeping tabs on your players on the NFL RedZone channel, he's out of your hair, cheering as he spots that up-skirt picture of starter Paris Hilton in this week's issue of US.

Finally, a fantasy you can both share. 



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Have you been to

SarahSpain said:


i hadn't see that--US Weekly totally ripped them off!

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