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Ten Good Reasons Kenny Williams Doesn't Want Ozzie Guillen On Twitter


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You can't blame Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams for being worried about Ozzie Guillen's new Twitter account. The fiery team manager is the man behind some of the most highly publicized rants in sports, and now he's got a forum to spew his vitriol 24/7, not just when the media is around.

According to the Sun-Times' Joe Cowley, when Williams first heard via text that Guillen had joined the social networking site, he didn't believe it. Later, in person, he responded: "No comment ... and make sure you write that it is a no comment with a headshake from side to side."

Guillen raised a few eyebrows just three tweets in, firing off this little gem:

Thumbnail image for guillen twitter.png

But a little boredom is nothing compared to the [bleep] that has come out of Guillen's [bleeping] mouth in the past. Yes, he's been responsible for some [bleeping] colorful quotes over the years.

For ten good reasons why Williams doesn't want Ozzie on Twitter, check out what Guillen's Twitter Feed might have looked like if the site had been around a few years earlier, in time for some of his most famous rants...

Yeah, so there's that.

Let's see how long this little Ozzie on Twitter experiment lasts...



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