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Hot Off The Presses! Get Your 2010 Cubs Anal--er, Annual!


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Alright, alright, so the placement of Derrek Lee's head might be a little questionable. Fear not, the 2010 Cubs Annual is still is still about baseball, and not, in fact, "Anal."

Grab your copy today to read profiles of Cubs players, like Koyie Hill and Ryan Dempster, and coaches, like new hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. Learn about the Cubs' new owners, the team's best prospects and plans for the much-anticipated "Triangle Building."

And, of course, read my article: "Stop Worrying About The Ring: A Realist's Guide To The 2010 Cubs." 'Cause if things don't go well this year, there's always prop bets and fake proposals... 

Click HERE to get your grubby mitts on a copy.



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bigwhisker said:


Haha! I love it when our lovely Spain gets her nasty on....thank you Cubies....

Dave M. said:


Really enjoyed your article, Sarah. Amusingly enough, it's directly "behind" mine.

Matt Foran said:


Well done, Sarah. Hopefully all the traffic from deadspin doesn't crash your website.

Anthony Ciorciari said:


Meanwhile, the guy in the red shirt trying to "grab the headline?"

SarahSpain said:


ha...nice catch anthony

MapleStreetPress said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Thanks for the post, Sarah. Despite the unfortunate Derrek Lee placement, we think the An--al turned out well and your article is definitely a highlight. We explained ourselves a bit on, and, no, Deadspin didn't crash our site either (yet).

SarahSpain said:


Haha! Yes, thank goodness you didn't reuse that Mets headline!

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