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PATRICK SHARP Tops Victoria's Secret List Of Chicago's Sexiest Things (FIXED!)


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[Oh man, I can't keep up with this shit. See my next post for ANOTHER update.]

Despite the best efforts of the Chicago Blackhawks organization, Bulls guard Derrick Rose has bested dreamy Hawks forward Patrick Sharp and mouthy Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher for the title of Chicago's Sexiest Athlete in Victoria's Secret's "What's Sexy Now?" poll.

So that's what I get for following a Chicago Tribune scoop!!! Last night Trib Nightlife Columnist Luis Arroyave broke the top secret results of the Victoria's Secret What's Sexy Now poll a day early. Problem is...his results don't match those of the Victoria's Secret website. Check out the comments on Luis's blog--looks like there are some conspiracy theorists out there. Wonder if VS knew their scam had been found out and changed the winners to save face...

At any rate, according to the VS site, Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp did edge Derrick Rose for the title of Sexiest Athlete--and the world is now as it should be.

Keep abreast (see what I did there?) of what's sexy in your city by checking out the full (CORRECT!) list of winners. I added a few of my own categories--see if you can figure out which ones...



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Andy-Kid said:

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Actual Sexy Bar the Pony Inn?! Are you kidding me?! Every time I've been in that place it's been a disaster. From the bartender offering me and himself shots and then charging me for ALL of them (it was an obvious misunderstanding but if I thought I was going to have to pay for them I would have never drank them), to the rat burger I had there last Friday, this place SUCKS!

SarahSpain said:


Valid points...but any joint that let's me set up and play beer pong with bar olives is a winner in my book. And I'm a sucker for a foot-long grilled cheese. Guess I'm just easy to please. : )

Tactman said:

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Wow that sexiest blogger looks just like a girl i saw on iChurch....LOL ;)

SarahSpain said:


Ha! Was her name Melanie? : )

Gunzaan said:


Damn straight... another Hawks victory. It's starting to look like it is going to be a special season this year!

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