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Bernard Berrian: Victim of Technology or Twitter Pornographer?


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For a few minutes Friday night former Chicago Bear and current Minnesota Viking Bernard Berrian turned up the heat in the Twittersphere when he posted a "TweetPhoto" of a naked woman in the shower with the caption "1-2-3 SAAAAKKKKIIII!!"

The picture was removed almost immediately and the Minnesota wide receiver blamed the salacious slip-up on a error in the Twitter system, writing:

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for berriantweet.jpg

Those who saw the photo before it was taken down reacted in a variety of ways. Some found the situation humorous, like @TheRealAP, who wrote "yikes! make sure she members to wash behind the ears."

Others were congratulatory, like @richardearl, who commented "Damn man, you getting that?" and @td619 who noted "Nice! Being an NFL'er pays off nicely lol."

A few were concerned that Berrian might become just the next in a long line of pro athletes punished for a controversial tweet.
@Anth270 warned "LMFAO what other pic do u have on ur phone haaha , bra delete that b4 u get fined lol".

Berrian responded to @Anth270's warning with the following:

So Berrian would like us to believe he attempted to post a photo of himself out with friends, presumably enjoying some sushi and sake bombs, (hence the caption "1-2-3 SAAAAKKKKIIII!!") when a magical internet fairy replaced the pic with a photo he'd never even seen before.

The more likely explanation? Berrian, distracted and maybe a bit tipsy from the sake, accidentally grabbed the wrong photo from his phone--attaching instead the dirty (or should I say clean?) pic of one of his lady friends in the shower. Whoops! Probably won't be "getting that" again anytime soon if she finds out he's made her the interweb's most notorious showerer since Santonio Holmes.

The photo is gone and the retweeted links lead to an error message, but this professional artist's rendering should give you a good idea of what the photo looked like.

he speedy manner in which Berrian deleted the offensive post may just help him escape the wrath of Roger Goodell and the No.Fun.League. That is, unless someone out there clicked on the link while it was still live, has the photo stored in a cache file and lets it leak.

Would Berrian's punishment be as simple as a ban from using Twitter or as serious as a fine like the one handed to Antonio Cromartie for complaining about the quality of the food at Chargers' training camp?

It's tough to say, as there are no ground rules in place for Twitter offenses, but my guess is that this will all blow over without Berrian's receiving so much as a slap on the wrist. After all, who's better than the Vikings at recovering from a sex scandal?



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Aisle424 said:


Those are totally fake.

hecklerbrad said:

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Too bad Twitter wasn't around for the Love Boat. Those would have been some good tweets.

EB said:

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I'm sure the moron knew EXACTLY what he was doing.
Never post anything online that you wouldn't want broadcast on the front of the Tribune. Um, you know, or above the fold on Chicago Now.

Mike d said:


he's getting his twitter advice from meghan mccain.

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