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UPDATED: Ochocinco Bullies Bears on Twitter, I Make Funny Photoshop of Ochocinco, Ochocinco Responds


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The Chicago Bears have six more days to prepare for Sunday's game in Cincinnati, but for Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco the games have already begun.

No. 85 started his pregame warm-ups as per usual Monday--with some Twitter trash talk aimed at his upcoming opponents. Like an electronically savvy middle school bully, Ochocinco handed out virtual wedgies to Jay Cutler and Co.
From ESPN Chicago:

"Tell your defense I'm gonna run circles around them," Ochocinco tweeted to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. "I'm mad we lost [Sunday to Houston], peanut [Charles] Tillman is gonna kiss da baby along with the rest."

Ochocinco explained during the HBO reality series "Hard Knocks" that "Kiss da baby" is an expression signifying the inevitability of his touchdown or great play.

Cutler then responded with this tweet: "it's only Monday. Already starting?
Ochocinco: "damit Jay I have to get a jump on yall, on a serious note tell Lovie to put Tillman on me all game with safety help, please!!!!"
Cutler: "Peanut on you with safety over top. You got it. Anything else you would like me to pass on?"
Ochocinco: "well after I embarass the secondary I want your jersey after game , that's all for now"
When he was finished nagging Cutler, Ochocinco quickly found another player willing to spar in Bears defensive end Alex Brown.

Ochocinco to Brown: "get your db's on Twitter before Sunday , you have till tonight to reply or you gonna feel my wrath to!!"!
Brown: "lol my db's are ready and I have all the respect in the world for Carson but it's hard to complete passes from his back ;)"
Ochocinco: "hold up son,we don't give up sacks and I get open in 1.5 seconds,you won't make it past our tackles anyway, shut the front door"
Brown: "well if they don't give up sacks then why do u have to get open in 1.5 sec?"
Ochocinco: "that's how fast I am duh, go get your study film and watch me work on film , I'll sign it for you after you watch it!!!"
Brown: "uh oh they are trembling in their cleats lol we will be ready for you don't u worry it will be a good game for sure"
The 4-2 Bengals and 3-2 Bears last met in 2005, when Carson Palmer and Ochocinco (then Johnson) connected for two TDs in a 24-7 Cincy victory at Soldier Field. Ochocinco is currently sixth among NFL receivers with 455 total yards. 

Confident in his ability to replicate his performance from '05, Ochocinco continued his grammatically challenged onslaught, delivering virtual swirlies to Bears fullback Jason McKie, defensive lineman Tommie Harris and wide receiver Devin Hester.

Of course my personal favorite came early in his attempt to bait Cutler into a war of words.
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Am I the only one who really wants to see what Ochocinco looks like getting "Mike Ditka mad" and going "full retarded" on someone? I bet it's a little something like this...  

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Ochocinco is a fan of Simple Chad.
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He better not think I'm gonna help him make a picture to trash talk my Bears! CHILD PLEASE.
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Ochocinco is a fan of Sarah Spain.

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