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LeBron James' Bathroom Stunt Unacceptable.....

No athlete is above the game they play, especially one that has yet to do anything of significance in their respective sport.  That is what LeBron James fails to realize in his latest stint which occurred last night in his former home town of Cleveland.  Like any NBA game, the pre-game introductions went off without a problem.  Big lights, loud music and a raucous crowd waiting for their former hometown hero to return one more time to face the music he created with his "decision".   
The lights on and music rolling, the crowd welcomed back the self-anointed king with a rousing sound of boo's.....yet the King was fashionably late.  
Just the latest insult the King has thrown to his former minions in Cleveland.  Further proving that LeBron James does not care about anyone else besides LeBron James and LeBron James Incorporated.
Here is why I (like many who posted tweets to his @KingJames Twitter account) say LeBron James is a b***h.


Forgive my French or whatever language you may associate with that word, but who the hell does LeBron James think he is?  Who gives him the right to miss something that is so scripted each night of the NBA calendar that it is absolutely impossible to miss out on.  The reasoning behind James' latest action??  Nature.
"I was just using the restroom. Am I allowed to do that?"
LeBron James skipped out on the same people who supported him for the first seven years of his NBA career because nature called.  While we all know what it is like to find the nearest place of disposal in a pinch when that happens, does LeBron James not have a pre game routine by now?   
Professional athletes are all about routine, we have read/seen it before.  Guys who eat and drink certain things only on game day.  Wearing the same pair of socks or underwear.  How about guys who always schedule a pre-game nap to ease their mind before heading into battle?  LeBron James has not figured out when to go tinkle before or after the pre-game shoot around?    
Who is he kidding here?  Not me.
Face it LeBron, you did not want to face your home fans again.  You wonder time and time again why the same people who supported you for so long now resent your very image in their hometown paper.  LeBron James Inc. has taken over a kid with so much promise to be the next great of the game.  That is the biggest head scratcher of all.
Money power and fame got to the same 25 year old man who accepted the NBA's MVP award at his local high school gym.  Money power and fame changed the "little kid from Akron" (his words) into the most hated man in NBA history.  While it may be good for the NBA to have a marked man as the league's enemy, this latest showing by the King is insulting to the simple bond between the fans and the league itself.  
Never before has there been such a symbol of disrespect before the ball was tipped by any player in NBA history.  To not show for the single 5-10 seconds that your name is called and allow the fans to cheer or boo is unacceptable.  Not one player is bigger than that moment when player and fan connect the most in a single game.  No one.....
Except the King.
What James fails to realize is his place in the game itself.  While he may have taken his talents to South Beach, that does not make him bigger than the game.  While he may have been the first player to have a hour long infomercial to announce where he will be playing for the next coming seasons, he is not bigger than the game.   
LeBron James fails to realize that his throne is not as high as he may think.
LeBron James is a eight year professional basketball player who has yet to win a championship.  How can we possibly consider him among the elite when he has yet to accomplish anything of relevance when it comes to deciding which greats are involved in the conversation?  Do you really believe that MJ, Dr. J, Bird, Magic, Kobe, Shaq would ever consider doing what LeBron did last night?
Of course not.
What LeBron did last night was insulting to the fans in attendance, the millions watching at home and the NBA as a whole.  He should face a fine for his childlike act because that is how he acted.  For a man who in eight years of playing in the NBA to miss pre-game introductions because nature was calling is beyond me.  Does he really think that the country will buy his lame excuse?  There is no excuse for what he did.
LeBron proves once more that the he is nothing but a b***h.
John "Rock" Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and Host of The Rock Report on WSCR 670AM The Score
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rangerjae said:

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Hey man. Guys gotta go, he's gotta go. Stop being a hater!!!!

Rock Mamola said:


Not being a hater at all.

He should be ashamed for what he did.

Fine him......


Marco CZen said:

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Rock Mamola,

Get a life and move on...gosh some of you guys are just so pathetic. Pls find time to write intelligent / meaningful articles to get your numbers up.

Stop being a hater, stop being petty.

schaumburgfan said:

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Unless he has some gastro-intestional or bladder control issues, this was a big no-show. What was he doing the previous five minutes? Was he preparing for that vaunted CAVS offense going through some last minute tape study?
The problem is this guy is mentally screwed up. One minute he wants to be liked and the second minute he wants to be hated.
For some people, the lack of good family background really comes back to haunt them.

Rock Mamola said:


This was his worst decision....since.....the decision.



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