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Top Five Sports Professions That I Would Never Retire From...

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.


Yesterday another veteran coach gave in to the current day situation with the torn relationship between players and those who are hired to make them better at their craft.  Jerry Sloan stepped down from a position he has held with the Utah Jazz since I was six years old.  The 23 year veteran head coach of the Utah Jazz finished with 1,221 career wins. There are currently 40 NBA players who were not even born when Sloan took over the head coaching position on December 9, 1988, and Derrick Rose was all but two months old that day.   


Whether or not you believe in the stories of a rift between Sloan and superstar point guard Deron Williams, the point is Sloan stepped down from a job that he surely had until he did not want it anymore.  In fact during his press conference yesterday, Sloan said:  


"Again, I've been blessed. Today is a new day. When I get this over with, I'll feel better. My time is up and it's time to move on." 


The retirement of Jerry Sloan got me to thinking.  I do not necessarily want to dive into the meaning of his retirement or if Sloan stepping down shows us that no coach is safe from a player controlled league like the NBA.  Sloan stepping down got me thinking if there are jobs in sports that I would never retire from.

At 29 years old and with the social security funds sure to dry up way before I hit that retirement age, I know and accept that I will probably be working till the day that my days end on Earth.  In fact, I work in a business where tomorrow is never guaranteed much like a lot of you reading right now.  However if given the same opportunity Jerry Sloan was given my the Utah Jazz where you can keep your job till you do not want it anymore, here are my top five jobs in sports I would never retire from. 



#5 - Manager of a minor league baseball team 

There are so many reasons behind keeping this job till I die.  To be able to witness the future of major league baseball's superstars before they hit the big time and make tons of money, there is a sort of humbling feeling knowing you saw ___ ___ before they were all over SportsCenter.  You were there either as a teacher or as a witness to a 19-20 year old just blossoming into becoming a well rounded ballplayer. 


Baseball is my favorite sport of all sports and from working in the business of sports media, I know the pressure for minor league managers is not nearly as high as it is in MLB.  Sure the spotlight is not there like in every major league city, but to travel across the country without the cameras, major market press, or pressure associated with it would be something I would enjoy.  



#4 - The Person Who Arranges The Top Ten Plays On SportsCenter 

Not only do you get to watch whatever game you want all night long, but you also get to see the best of the best.  One thing I have always enjoyed about the Top Ten Plays always nearing the end of SportsCenter is sometimes it makes viral video superstars out of players you will never see or hear from again.  Like that guy with the monster dunk from _____ university or the great grab against the fence from the Japanese baseball leagues.  Making stars out of common athletes is something I would definitely enjoy and basking in the greats of the any game is not too shabby either. 



#3 - John Daly's Caddy

Oh gosh...could you imagine?  Between drinking, chicken wings and women.....the fun times surely would outweigh the bad golf.  This is a golfer who attracts the more fun and entertaining fans of the sport while smoking a cigarette on the fifth tee box at Pebble Beach.  If there is one golfer I believe simply does not care about his legacy as a professional golfer, it is John Daly.  I would not only be the first guy to volunteer to go on a beer run, I would build a liquor store in the RV we would be traveling in across the country going from event to event.   


Not too sure how long I would last with this gig, but I would not retire from it. 



#2 - NHL Equipment Manager are asking yourself why would you want to be the guy cleaning the jocks of Sidney Crosby and dealing with the stench of used goalie pads.  There is something about the game of hockey that has always fascinated me.  What a lot of people do not understand is the players do a lot of upkeep themselves when it comes to the equipment they use.  Between taping and molding sticks and some players even sharpen their own skates, the work lot if not as much as you may believe it to be. 


Plus in my experience with locker rooms, hockey players by far are the most friendly and easy to like athletes I have ever dealt with.  There is no high and mighty ego trips when it comes to most hockey players because they appreciate the honor of playing a professional sport more than anyone.  Don't believe me?  Ask Patrick Sharp how it was to play a couple seasons in both Thunder Bay Ontario and Burlington, Vermont before cracking a NHL roster.  Plus not only the travel like any other professional sports franchise, but the culture you will learn from players hailing from other countries would definitely keep things interesting. 



#1 - Head Groundskeeper of the San Francisco Giants 

To me there is no better place to be a resident of than the great city of San Francisco, CA.  Only being there once a few years ago, I feel in love with the city.  Could you imagine living in a city where you would love living 24/7/365 and all you do is work on a baseball field for a living.  Being a groundskeeper is an all year round job and it is a lot of heavy lifting and plenty of backbreaking hands on labor.  It is so rewarding though when you get to watch games for so to seven months out of the year on the finely groomed field you help craft each day.  Working on the west coast by McCovey Cove at AT&T Park where you work in beautiful weather all the can you think of anything better to do with your life? 


Of course each of these jobs are held by someone and I am sure there are aspects of each job that someone in that position would tell me I am crazy for doing it.  However when you love doing something, the rewards always outweigh the daily grinds of any job. 




John "Rock" Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and Host of The Rock Report on WSCR 670AM and 


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