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Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.

With every end comes a new beginning.  What the Chicago Bears did in the 2010 season was not only shock the football universe by surpassing all expectations reaching the NFC Championship Game and finishing the year with a record of 11-5.  The Chicago Bears took a giant leap from where they were only one season ago.  The season may have been filled with surprises and a little more luck than usual, but the sign of a good team is when opportunities are given to take advantage of them.  All season long (myself included) most of this city was waiting for that moment when the Bears turned from the horse drawn carriage back into the pumpkin to puff out their chests and demand props for being right about this Bears team all along.
Yesterday was that day.
Like flies to a light droves of Bears "fans" came out of the weeds where they had been hiding all along and renounced their ire for their own franchise.  The new target is simply the same old song.  Point to Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo and now the once heralded "savior" of the Bears franchise Jay Cutler.  Turning Christ into Judas was extremely simple as Bears fans watched their "savior" sitting on the bench for most of the second half in the biggest game of his career.  While the organization did not do Cutler any favors by releasing what the issue could be with Cutler's knee, the seconds ticked by as more and more Bears fans started to believe that Cutler was more wimp than warrior.
Talk about over-reaction Monday Morning Quarterbacking.
In the less than 24 hours since the final play of the NFC Championship Game, more and  and current athletes have come out and voiced their opinions on Jay Cutler sitting out most of the second half with an apparent knee injury.   
Thumbnail image for cutler tweets.JPG

While seeing each comment come in you have to wonder is Jay Cutler the most despised player in the National Football League.  You also have to wonder if his teammates echo the same sentiments of the social network known as Twitter.  To my surprise not one player or coach on the Bears roster agreed or stated the same criticisms of Cutler after the game in the locker room.  In fact they defended how tough Cutler is stating that people forget just how much of a beating he has taken this season.  I wonder though if fans have forgotten that Jay Cutler was sacked a total of 57 times this season and 92 times as a Chicago Bear during the regular season.  People wonder why Jay Cutler is so unwilling to be more media savvy, yesterday showed a prime example of why.   
From national television to local radio post game shows, public enemy number one in Chicago was Jay Cutler.  Why?  Because he did not play hurt in the biggest game of his career and the biggest game for the Chicago Bears since the last time they hosted the NFC Championship Game.  Even though Cutler was benched by trainers and coaches decision and no word on how severe the injury could have been, in the eyes of the fans he could have played.  Ask yourself this if you were one of those Jay Cutler possibly on one leg better than what Caleb Hanie brought to the table against the Packers yesterday?
While there are many different avenues for Bears fans to direct their disappointment in losing to the "rival" Green Bay Packers, saying Jay Cutler is weak for not playing hurt is not one of them.  If you choose to criticize anything with Cutler, look to his play when healthy in the first half.  Cutler did not convert one third down play, threw an interception and most importantly did not get the Bears any points on the scoreboard.  Of course he faltered in his play on the field, but to go the easy route like so many and say he is not tough enough to play football is not fair.  If anything fans should feel sympathetic for their franchise quarterback because of the faults of the general manager.  It has been said many times that you can have the greatest quarterback alive but if you cannot protect him than what good is he to begin with.  
The Bears have the worst offensive line in professional football.  As much luck as the Bears have had with the health of the team all year long not being an issue, the Bears are lucky what happened yesterday to Cutler and his knee did not happen earlier in the year.  That could have kept the Bears out of the NFC Championship Game and possibly the playoffs all together.  It is so easy to focus on one moment and totally forget all the good things someone has done to lead up to that moment.  That is what Bears fans have done in less than 24 hours and that is shameful.   
The loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday may hurt for today/tomorrow/the entire week, but when we look back on this 2010 Chicago Bears season this game will not be the focal point.  People will look back at the catch/non catch of Calvin Johnson in week one.  Fans will turn toward the day when Corey Wootton ended Brett Favre's career with his first career sack on a frozen field in Minnesota.  Who could forget the return of the Devin Hester the NFL grew to fear again.  That is what this season was made of.  Memories that will overshadow a disappointing end to what was a very unexpected and successful season.
Just remember that the Chicago Bears gave you (the Bears fan) what you wanted.  You wanted playoffs and you got playoffs.  You even got a playoff game against your "arch rival" for a chance at playing in the Super Bowl.  How can Bears fans be so disappointed in a season where everything that happened (for the most part) was unforeseen and astonishing?  To take out your frustrations and lose hope in the single most important piece of the Chicago Bears puzzle moving forward is the essence of Monday Morning Over-Reaction.
Something this town does far too much of.
John "Rock" Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and host of The Rock Report on WSCR 670AM The Score
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Stylin19 said:


Good perspective Rock, I feel the same way. Before the football season started everyone had the Bears as a .500 team. They surpassed our expectations (due to some luck with opponents' quarterbacks) but suddenly for the last week everyone has been acting like the Bears are the best team in the NFL. I am a bears fan but honestly they got lucky getting as far as they did. I am not taking anything away from the team, you can't control who you play against but getting this upset and taking it out all on Cutler, who like you said, did try to go back out there, is ridiculous. And those tweets from all the players are a joke.

I liked Urlacher's comments after the game when he said all the other players were jealous cause they had to sit at home and watch the game from their couch.

Rock Mamola said:


Thanks for the comments Stylin..


Hadji said:

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"It is so easy to focus on one moment and totally forget all the good things someone has done to lead up to that moment. That is what Bears fans have done in less than 24 hours and that is shameful."

Well put and sadly true. Boneheads are legion in Bears fandom.

Rock Mamola said:


It happens when the outcome is not as exciting as the hype building up to the matchup itself.

Thanks for checking out the post!

CUTCutler said:

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It was the CHAMPIONSHIP game guys. Cutler showed the heart of a dead fish. Had he thrown for 200 yds and a touchdown in the first half, he would have gone out and played with a broken leg. He Quit, He Quit, He Quit. And then he did the Cutler attitude. I watched Kyle Orton Play great this year. Orton got a little coaching help and he was rated as a top QB all year. Coach smith must go

Rock Mamola said:


How can a man quit when he is told to sit by others?

Kyle Orton played great? He's been sitting at home watching the playoffs the whole time, I wouldn't call that a great season at all.

Angelo stated it today....they plan on extending Lovie. Sorry!

Thanks for checking out the post!


GuamBoomer said:

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Packer fan since 1938 almost. Love the rivalry. Don't much care for the hatred and vicious comments of some of the fans on both sides.

Cutler, left in the game, risked more serious injury,perhaps career ending. Is that what the Bear fans wanted? I think that is vicious. Why put him in and unable to perform - especially in what appeared to be a losing cause?

It was an obvious error in coaching judgement to put in a #2 who shouldn't even be in the game as proven by the fact that #3 did so well and almost brought the team back to tie the game.

It was best to go with a more physically able QB than to risk #1. Recall that Aaron Rodgers had to sit out in the New England game and his backup Matt Flynn came close to winning the game at the end, except the clock ended the game.

My personal feeling is that the health of a player is more important than the game. Remember, it is a game no matter how important the win might be. I'm not a Bear fan by any stretch, but I don't hate the players, but it sure is easy to be disappointed in the conduct of some of their fans. Reading at another forum I see a lot of outright hatered, normally for anything Green Bay Packer, but now for the Bear coaches and their franchise QB. Go figure!!!

I'm also reading of the support for the Steelers against the Pack. So much for NFC, especially the NFCN, loyalty. Had the Bears won I'd have been plugging them against the Steelers.

Not all football fans are of the same mentality, I guess. Nice yakkin' at you all.

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