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Time For Ozzie Guillen And Kenny Williams To Bury The Hatchet

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.



Enough is Enough!
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Since this past spring training the topic that has dominated the airwaves and print/online media about the Chicago White Sox was the growing feud within the organization between Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams

In the last eight months alone, we've seen the inner workings of a male soap opera that rivals any that the WWE has ever put out.  On one side you have an ego driven general manager who prefers silence when it comes to business but cannot stray away from a camera if it's near.  On the other side you have a loudmouth brazen and extremely cocky manager who may be able to control a baseball team but not the comments of his own son.
This soap opera has once again reared it's ugly head into the limelight of what is a compelling division race in the AL Central, and this White Sox fan is sick of it.  It's time to bury the hatchet Ozzie and Kenny, time to sack up and expose what all the fuss is about.



It is rather disgusting to me that when there is obvious conflict within an organization between two alpha males, no one is willing to step in a fix the problem.  We all know it is extremely hard to have a work environment where there is in-fighting amongst the hierarchy, even if it is entertaining at some times.  Social networking has added a new angle to this story because daddy dearest Ozzie Guillen cannot keep his own kids in line when talking negative about the same organization that paid their bills for so long.  
It's time for Ozzie Guillen to set the record straight.  In the middle of a pennant chase the last thing the Chicago White Sox need is a distraction to take away any focus from the goal at hand which is to win the division.
The latest incident with the Ozzie/Kenny feud came earlier today where Chicago Tribune Columnist David Haugh wrote a piece on how Kenny Williams was in contact with the White Sox this past weekend concerning the bullpen situation.  According to Haugh's piece, Williams stayed in constant contact with manager Ozzie Guillen and pitching coach Don Cooper into Saturday night, keeping close enough tabs to approve Edwin Jackson's availability in the nightcap on Saturday night after throwing seven pitches the night before.  
"In this case, I sent multiple texts saying, 'Hey is there something we need to do here (with the bullpen)?' And Ozzie and Coop each said, 'No let's ride it out,''' Williams said.
Later in the piece Haugh quotes a source saying:
Guillen was frustrated particularly after Sunday's loss about the limitations created by a tired bullpen. Williams said he sent Guillen and Cooper a text message after the team's second extra-inning defeat in 18 hours asking again if they wanted him to add a pitcher.
Williams held up his BlackBerry as he shared their response.
"They wrote back, '(Bleep) no,''' Williams said. "Remember, we have 12 pitchers and ideally I only want 11.''

So instead of Ozzie Guillen confirming/denying the conversations of the weekend with his General Manager...who decides to speak up?  You guessed it...his 24 year old son Oney Guillen.
In a barrage of tweets about Haugh's column, Ozzie's middle son declared the following (NSFW).


Thumbnail image for oney tweets.JPG

Besides a recommendation for a spell check on his phone where Oney tweets these, the key phrase here is "Just got done talking to the old man."  That would lead one to believe that indeed the young scribe did talk to the old veteran on exactly what happened....correct?
So instead of Ozzie Guillen stepping up and disputing what his co-worker said happened over the weekend, he instead pawns off this duty on his son who was fired (don't care what you say Oney) from the White Sox for tweets/thoughts of this same demeanor. 


So if this is indeed the truth of what happened this past weekend, who's lying?  Is it Kenny or Ozzie?  Reading more into the tweets of Oney you see the phrase " yet again this guy is trying to pin it on the manager ozzie. Just like he did in january with jim thome."  
Were White Sox fans lied to again?  Were we led to believe that the decision of the White Sox not bringing back Jim Thome was more Kenny than Ozzie?  
Here's the quandary I am having as a White Sox much do I read into the thoughts/opinions/facts of the son of Ozzie Guillen?  Twitter is tough enough to tell when someone is being sarcastic or real in 140 characters or less.  However, the constant name calling and insults thrown Kenny Williams way by a 24 year old kid who may still be bitter he lost a sweet gig with the White Sox is undeniable. 

How much is indeed truth and how much is simply a young man with a grudge?

This is the biggest reason why Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams need to come out of the closet and bury the hatchet on this whole mess.  If indeed there is a rift over whatever, they need to move on get down to business because if this season ends with another missed opportunity to see postseason play......someone (if not BOTH) need to go

ozzie explosion.jpg

- RoCk
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score
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patrick said:

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rock, i agree with you. i am tired of the in fighting. the worst of oney's tweets are when he is critical of the fans. without the fans there is no team, thus, the guillen family would starve. the fans are idiots most of the time but you do not bite the hand that feeds you. there is too much ego between ozzie and kenny. it needs to end now.

Shakes the Clown said:

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Oney needs an ass beating from pops and told to shut the fuck up!

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