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Should Cubs Fans Support The White Sox Down The Stretch?

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.

Here is another reason why I am such a fan of Twitter.  While watching the White Sox fall for the second time in three days to their arch rival with my wife who was more concerned with updating her facebook status,

I got into a real interesting conversation on the social network involving my 613 followers and one Joe Cowley of the Chicago Suntimes.  The debate was about the attendance issues at US Cellular Field for the much hyped Twins/White Sox series.  
The conversation started with Cowley tweeting the following:
Cowley Tweet.JPG

Now Joe Cowley has been covering the Chicago White Sox for several years now both with the Chicago Suntimes and the Daily Southtown (now dubbed "The Southtown Star" owned by Suntimes Media).  I was confused by what Joe meant with this 140+ character opinion.  Should Cubs fans really drop their season and team on the north side of town and fill the Cell to watch winning baseball in Chicago? 

This age old argument had a new twist to me, should Chicago come together twice during the year....Bears season, and baseball season? 

While pondering what to Re-Tweet back to Cowley I thought about what would I do as a fan.  Face it, in the past century Chicago has hoisted the World Series Trophy only twice (1917, 2005) and both by the Chicago White Sox.  The Chicago Cubs will forever be the number one team in this town for numerous reason spanning from the nationwide coverage they received on WGN The Superstation and the landmark of a ballpark they play in called Wrigley Field
cubs fans.jpg

Cubs fans realize that their team is the more popular team in this city and they understand that their team is a tourist attraction for the 40,000,000+ visitors that come in from out of state/country.  The baseball teams on both sides of town are very similar.  They are both high spending teams, large personalities at manager, and both teams are not dominated by one single superstar.   
Put yourself in your own shoes versus someone else's for a change.  Would you give up on your team's season if the other side of town is doing well and has a chance at the postseason?
There is something to be said about loyalty to a team and the way you were raised to follow/treat that team.  I was raised a White Sox fan because my father was a White Sox fan, and I believe that is the norm when it comes to whom you choose to follow/support in this town.  If the White Sox were in the Cubs situation I asked myself if I could drop my team and start to support the hated enemy on the other side of town, and the answer is simply no. 

The fact is that there is still an inner-city rivalry no matter how little the two teams play one another in a single season.  The fact that you can walk into any workplace in this town and the back and forth comments/insults about "that other team" is what makes baseball more vibrant in this town than in any other city.  We are extremely blessed to be living in a city that can house more than one baseball team in its city limits, it is not about putting the "ego" in check....its about loyalty.
Look at it this way can you call yourself a die-hard fan of a team and then leave them when the going gets tough?  Does that make you a true fan of that team?  
We put so much emphasis on how long we have been fans of a certain team or how much knowledge we have of the team we follow, but in the end you love that team because it is the way you were raised.  When you are taught something at an early age it sticks with you for most of your adult life if not all it.  Fans of teams should never switch sides for the simple fact that you for sure will not stick with that team the following year.  White Sox fans remember 2007 and the 72-90 record the team finished with.....and Cubs fans remember the 0-6 record of Lou Piniella in the playoffs managing this team.  Of course those years heartbreaking and you may have said "I'm done" with this team....but I bet 99.9% of those that said that came right back the next season.  That is more fact than Cowley would like to admit.
The discussion continued:
Thumbnail image for cowley tweet 2.JPG

Cubs fans sick of their organization taking advantage of them?  I do not understand that statement because how have the Cubs fans been taken advantage of?  I cannot speak for anything before my lifetime, but in recent years the organization has gone out and spent high dollars.  How is an organization taking advantage of their own fan base when they go out and spend the money the fans bring into the stadium. 

I understand you can debate if the Cubs were spending to spend or spending wisely at the time, but not trying would mean staying status quo and never trying to improve the organization.  Each of the last two managerial searches, the Cubs brought in the top name into the organization plus they are continuing to renovate Wrigley Field which most fans have screamed about for generations.   
Cowley of course did not go on to explain how the organization takes advantage of the fans...only to say that the team has been run so poorly and Cubs fans continue to accept it year after year.  That is called being a fan Joe....through thick and thin.
I think the bigger issue Joe Cowley had was the attendance the last three games.
cowley tweet 3.JPG

As we all know the Chicago White Sox do not draw like the Chicago Cubs do.  The White Sox will not get a capacity crowd when the Royals come into town much like the Cubs get when the Pirates come to town.  It's a proven fact that the fans of the Chicago White Sox stay home during the season and then if their team is in contention towards the end of the season....they show up.  I saw this same argument in today's Chicago Suntimes from Rick Morrissey as well.
"The White Sox and the Twins were battling for first place Thursday night, but you might not have known it looking at some sections of The Cell.  The upper deck had patches of empty seats, making it look like a barber had slipped with his clippers."
Why is everyone so concerned about attendance with the White Sox?  I do not understand how some media type find it so interesting why the White Sox cannot draw like the Cubs.  Why even compare the Sox attendance to the Cubs anyway?  The Cubs are an anomaly much like the Red Sox and Yankees....the White Sox are like every other team in baseball.  However for the media not to grasp that after all this time where the Cubs easily outdraw the White Sox in attendance is just a repetitive and ignorant argument and sounds like the writer/columnist is working on Brooks Boyer's dime.  Sometimes you just need to accept facts, and the fact is the White Sox (no matter how well they are playing) do not own this town.  Acceptance is the first step to recovery gentlemen.
Why would Brooks Boyer of any other chief marketing officer care who is buying the tickets as long as they are sold.  If Reds/Cardinals/Phillies fans did not buy tickets when their team was in town at Wrigley, they would not have sold out those games at the confines.  Did anyone rise up and write/tweet that Cubs fans should be as die hard as they say they are?  Of course not. 

The point is the tickets (no matter who buys them) are being sold.  I do not mind the Cell being filled with a small minority of Twins fans as long as the tickets are sold, so why should the media care.  I've been to my fair share of White Sox games this year, but I like many others prefer to watch on TV and save the 100+ dollars it costs to go to a game today.
So to the original question.
Should Cubs fans stop following the team and start supporting the White Sox even if it be for only one year?  The answer is still no and forever will be no. 

As long as we have two teams in this town. As long as fathers pass on traits to their children.  As long as baseball is our national past time and there will be a next year.   
This is the way it is and the way it shall be, and this fan is ok with that.
Love ya Joe!
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score
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Cubs Fan Report said:


Nice post. While rooting for the Sox might be tempting for the casual Cubs fan, we won't be going to the Cell any time soon. It's true that real Cubs fans live and die with the team... It's a way of life.

cubfandownstate said:

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Hell no!!! F**CK THE SOX!!

Son Of That Guy said:

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Prior to 2003, I would have supported the White Sox in some oblique, diplomatic form when they made the postseason. In fact, I did. When the Sox were bounced out of the playoffs in 1993 and 2000, I honestly thought, "Well, that's a bummer. My team or theirs, someone has to do this city baseball proud one of these days."

Then we saw all those idiots at Jimbo's throwing this big, raucous party when the Marlins came back and beat the Cubs in the '03 NLCS. That really opened my eyes. And yes, you'll be glad to know that it made 2005 a divisive hell, rather than something all Chicago baseball fans could embrace.

Paul said:

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I'd rather have a meteor go up my butt than support the white sux. GO CUBS.

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