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Oney Guillen Is Not His Daddy And Needs A Reality Check....

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.

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While I am a fan of social networking and instant media, I know (like all of you) that there are certain lines you cannot cross when tweeting or posting your opinion on certain matters.  If there is one thing we have learned in the last 10-15 years of the digital age, its that everything we do online is always being monitored by someone.  In fact according to a American Management Association/ePolicy Institute survey from 2007, two-thirds of employers monitor their employees' internet use.
So how come Oney Guillen feels he is a victim here with the latest edition of White Sox Twitter-Gate

If you have not been "a-twitter" about the latest controversy coming out of a stellar spring training for your Chicago White Sox.  Manager Ozzie Guillen told his middle son Oney Guillen to resign from his job with the organization over some questionable tweets that in turn made the White Sox ask him to stop tweeting.  Here are some of the controversial recent tweets of Oney Guillen:
Feb. 24th - and by the way joe cowley wants to be the next jay m and he loosing lots of fans for trying to be a d**k
Mar, 9th - Its funny how jealousy is so powerful. Haters stop hating please you will never be or even close to the man let it fu***ng go
Mar. 9th - The Guillen family just got screwed over or fu***d... but dont worry we have our own way of handling this
Mar. 9th - My fav restaurant in chicago is Chi tung Latte. My least fav Market hands down worst food in the city
Mar. 17th - I love it how people are monitoring my tweets like I'm someone important. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion
Mar. 19th - I guess not all employees are held to same standard. Maybe if I left for 2 weeks then came back I can continue to work
Mar. 19th - I hope the dorks aren't running the organization or else were fu***d. 3 geeks who never played baseball a day in there life telling experts what to do.
Mar. 19th - Oh s**t we r getting beat. I'm sure someone cares
Mar. 19th - I guess not all employees are held to same standard. Maybe if I left for 2 weeks then came back I can continue to work
Mar 19th - Remember this day march 19 2010. Mark my words
Just using these examples from Oney's Twitter account he called out a member of the media, White Sox fans, Kenny Williams' restaurant, and the White Sox organization itself.  Who knew the Ozzie Guillen Sr. was the only loose cannon in the organization.  Oney simply cannot be allowed to mouth off like his father can because unlike his father, Oney has a track record of "tweeting" comments that were considered detrimental to the organization.
Oney Guillen was quoted as saying his biggest complaint was the way the organization had "spies" monitoring his account, but no one said anything to him face-to-face before Friday.\

"They talk about family atmosphere and being up front, where was it?'' Oney said. "No one ever came and talked to me about it face-to-face. No one approached me like a man, after they supposedly preach that here.''  
I am guessing Oney forgot what happened last season when his mouth got him in trouble with the organization.  Let's take a look back to September 17, 2009 during a game when the White Sox blew a 3-1 lead over the Mariners losing 4-3 in 14 innings.  The then ( which was Oney original twitter account had postings that night of stating the following:
"If we don't win this game. Its over beyond over."
"Sox nation don't get excited.... Looks like were sinking faster then the titanic"
"U blow. Save and the game, and ur ****ing laughing ur ass of for 6 innings? Have some ****ing pride disgusting. He gone."
"I'm sure the flight back home will be pleasant.. Dead men don't care so much... Players don't."
"What this team does best drink."
In these posts, Oney is ripping the team, Bobby Jenks (who blew the save in that game), and White Sox fans.  I am guessing if I am Kenny Williams/Jerry Reinsdorf/Ozzie Guillen Sr.....I'm not happy about this.  Consequently the twitter account was quickly deleted and Oney was not heard from in the social network universe till this past February.   
Who the hell gave Oney Guillen the right to call out not only his father's team, but the fans, media, and front office of the White Sox.  Does he not realize that he is simply riding the coattails of his pappy?  Does he not realize that without his father, he would probably be still at school and working a real job like the rest of us? 

It's amazing to me how much leeway the White Sox organization gives Ozzie Guillen when it comes to how involved his family is in day to day operations of the club.  Oney needs to realize that he is not this great groundbreaking ambassador to the social networking cause and he is more just another member of the lucky sperm club.
Oney Guillen videotaped players for the player personnel department after playing two seasons in the minors. He choose to continue to Tweet "the truth" rather than hold onto a "cake" position with a major league ball club.  What kind of idiot chooses "free speech" over a job?
Oney Guillen: "That's my biggest problem, as well as that it's all right for them to have a reality television show, but then they try to control the Twitter accounts and Web sites? That's being hypocritical."
YES!!  The White Sox are a business like any other and YOU WERE AN EMPLOYEE of that business with some large ties to it.  The White Sox did you a favor by NOT FIRING YOU last season for your comments about that game in Seattle.  Most businesses would have severed ties with an employee that makes public an opinion that his co-workers are a bunch of drunks and that the people doing business with them (the fans) do not really care about their investment.
I am taking a guess here and I could be wrong.....Oney, why put your father in a situation where he has to save your career not only once, but has to TELL YOU to resign because you insist on "telling the truth." 

I feel sorry for the manager of the White Sox because he has let one of his kids take advantage of the power he allowed them to have.  It's put Ozzie in a bad situation with the organization and you can tell its starting to get to Ozzie a little bit.   
Ozzie Guillen needs to separate his personal life from his career.  It's as simple as that.  When you involve your family so much into your work, you will have times where you will have a tough time being a dad and being an employee at the same time.   
If Ozzie truly wants to put this all to rest, rather than support I say lay down the law.  Ozzie needs to tell all his kids that the most important thing to him is this baseball club and that they should stay out of the business of the ball club.  Oney, Ozzie Jr., Osney....know your role, and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
When does the actual games start up??  Cannot come soon enough.
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score.
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1 Comment

Jimmymac120912 said:


Your dead on with everythig you said. The most disappointing part of the this whole situation is the position he put his dad in. I guess thats what spoiled brats do.
I also love how oney thinks because he knows spanglish and had a two week stint in the minors; major league ball clubs are gonna be @ his doorstep with job offers.
This whole situation is just another prime example of the middle child looking for attention.

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