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Johnny Weir's Sexuality Overshadows Everything He'll Ever Do

Rock Mamola

Producer/Host on WSCR 670AM The Score.

Let me preface this blog by saying that the following may offend some people who are sensitive to the subject of homosexuality and sports.  I am not by any means trying to insult anyone who may be gay or lesbian, but I think that I need to speak my piece about the subject when it comes to American figure skater Johnny Weir.
When talking amongst the crew at WSCR about Johnny Weir, we never get to the conversation about how he performed the night before.  I am sure you have the same issue when Weir's name comes up among your Olympic viewing friends or co-workers as well.  We never bring up that he is one of the best in his sport today because it always circles back to the question that seems to be on everyone's mind.

Is Johnny Weir Gay?

To answer the question is simply stating that a man's sexuality matters more than what he actually accomplishes on the ice itself.   
Who are we to judge Weir based on if he likes women or prefers guys?   
Is this the society we live in now where it's more about what happens off the playing field rather than on it.  The TMZ world has us all fixed in about who's doing what with whom, and we cannot see past our own clouds of suspicion.
What does it matter if he is or is not gay?  Is he a better athlete because of his choice of sexuality?   
Here's the thing about figure skating.  In today's society it's considered by many to be a "gay" sport because not many men would consider the pageantry of the ice rink over a football field.  That is not an opinion, and its more fact than fiction.  Not many guys wake up one day and want to fit in a leotard and go skating to some classical Romantic era music.  Most boys grow up to stories of Babe Ruth and Walter Payton rather than of Brian Boitano and Scott Hamilton.  More boys are raised on football and violent video games than figure skating and fashion.   
So when something like the sport of figure skating comes into a conversation, more often than not men see the sport where women enjoy more it than anyone else.  The pageantry, the tight spandex clothing, the glitter, roses thrown all over the the "macho" men of this country, it's gay.   
I will admit I do not necessarily enjoy watching it, but if you are out with your buddies and you have another're taking the other option on the television.   
However with Johnny Weir, he transcends the sport he participates in.  People do not watch him because of the skill and majesty he gives on his short and long programs.  It's all about the outfit and skating to Lady Gaga music.  In fact when Weir is pressed on the issue of his sexuality he remains quiet and let's his performances speak for itself.   
"I don't feel the need to express my sexual being because it's not part of my sport and it's private. I can sleep with whomever I choose and it doesn't affect what I'm doing on the ice, so speculation is speculation."
Why the speculation then?  The whole part of a human being's choice of sexuality is not something you put on your drivers license and is not meant to be public knowledge.  Fellow skaters have even been quoted as saying they would like Weir to be more direct and less secretive about his sexuality.  Why should he give into the public's desperate outcry and addictive need for gossip.
If he is gay, he is gay.  If he is straight, he is straight.
So when you are sitting down and watching Johnny Weir (because you know you are when he hits the screen), discuss and appreciate what you see on the ice and stop worrying about if he "is" or "isn't."
Sex sells, but grow up America!
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score.
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patrick said:

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i will be honest dude i haven't watched a second of the olympics, but all i hear when associated with johnny weir is whether or not PETA is mad at him for wearing fur. I have no problem with sexual orientation. so maybe i am blocking out any talk about that. i totally agree with you though. it should not be a big deal at all.

Rock Mamola said:



I'm just so amazed about how interested people are in his sexuality over what he actually does to put food on the table.

Just gets to a point where people have to move on.


patrick said:

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i think unfortunately we still have a long way to come as a country as far homosexuality goes. most of which is based in ignorance. it is sad.

Aaron Lowe said:


definitely figure skating is considered a "gay" sport. i also come from an era where everything is "gay." you like blue ink instead of black? that's gay. you like wear shorts instead of pants? that's gay. family being annoying? that's gay. basically, the essence of my generation is that if something isn't described with the word sucked, its described with gay. i'm guilty of this myself, but at the same time, i think about how this can be hurtful to people who are, in fact, gay. and in the case of mr. weir, i really don't care if likes guys, doesn't like guys. it has no bearing on how he performs on the ice in his sport. while figure skating isn't my cup of tea, why should any of us and our thoughts stop johnny from performing, what can be, a beautiful art appreciated by many people.

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