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Bears/Packers Rivalry Is No More....Just Another Game

Have you checked your Bears schedule lately?   
It's Bears/Packers week!!!   
And a collective sigh is all the city of Chicago can provide. 
It's sad to say, but there is NO hated rivalry anymore among DA Bears and the hated cheeseheads.  Do not tell me that Bear fans still get up this game because they hate the green and gold and their polka music.  Please!

In the age of free agency, how can you have a rivalry?  This is not the same NFL your dad grew up following.  The players do not care for rivalry games anyway.  In fact when is the last time you saw a player on the Bears or Packers give that extra shot to the back or extra effort to lay a smack down on their opponent?  In fact, a player is more likely to help up their opponent off the field than give that extra blow to the kidneys while they lay on the frozen gridiron.  Players look out for one another more today than at any time in the history of the NFL.  With the money involved in this sport, players do not want to end another man's career and keep that burden for their entire life.   
This is not the age of Butkis and Nagurski and the Superfans are not around either.  McMahon doesn't even follow the NFL while he promotes sex pills and Ditka is more concerned with his "Kick Ass Paddle Steak" at his restaurant.  Bart Starr is a public speaker and Lombardi's dead.  This is not the black and blue division anymore because the passing game has taken over the NFL.  Plus, it's not even the NFC Central anymore.  In fact the only thing left over from this dead rivalry is the stadiums they are played in, but even both of those venues have been remodeled into a museum and a UFO crashing into a coliseum. 
When Lovie Smith was hired he said his first goal as Chicago Bears head coach was to beat the Green Bay Packers.  At the time my first thought was that should not be your number one goal.  I understand you have to beat the teams in your division, but it just seemed ludicrous that the Packers are your first priority when you also had the Vikings and Lions to deal with.  Yes, even the Lions
Lovie's number one goal is exactly what the Bears are fighting for on Sunday and yet I find that no Bears fan seems to care.  The Bears have never been swept in a season by the Green Bay Packers in Lovie Smith's tenure as head coach.  In fact Lovie Smith has a really good record against the Pack in his career.  However as the hourglass of this 2009 Chicago Bears season continues to run out, I am finding more and more Bear fans just do not care about what happens with the remainder of the season. 
This week shows that the rivalry is dead because the Packers have everything to play for and the Bears do not.  Bears fans should be 100% behind their team to play spoiler and make it harder for their "rival" to see postseason play.  However from now on instead of calling these "rivalry games", why don't we just settle for the easy "division game."  The term "rivalry" plays to the lowest common denominator of fan and those who are unwilling to give up the past and live in the now. 
Bears/Packers week from now on should just be called week ____. 
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of the Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of the Joe O And Rock Show on WSCR 670AM The Score 
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Andrew Wamboldt said:


I think the big reason for why the air has been deflated out of the Bears vs. Packers rivalry is because the Packers vs. Vikings rivalry is so intensified right now with Favre going to the Vikings.

sarahmas said:

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You are an idiot. Who are you talking to that doesn't feel the Bears/Packers rivalry is just as intense as it was for our parents and as it will be for our kids? I hate the stupid Packers and I always will and the same goes for all my friends.

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