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Advice To Tiger Woods: "Retire"

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Tiger Woods should retire.
The most dominating golfer of my lifetime has turned into the biggest phony in the world.  The same person who was a clean cut African American considered by many as the world's most famous and trustworthy athlete is nothing more than a dirty lying cheat.  
He dominated the PGA for the last 13 years winning 14 major championships, ten time PGA Player of The Year, and nine time PGA Tour money leader.  He has been on the covers of People Magazine, GQ and the only athlete to be named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman Of The Year more than once.  
He has grossed over a billion dollars among his tour earnings and endorsements (before taxes of course) ranging from Nike to General Motors.  The guy has his own brand of Gatorade for god sakes.
However the last two weeks for Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods have shown that this man is not the man we believed in.  He is not the perfect family man we all believed he was.  He is not the role model kids should be looking up to in an age where athletes are in the papers or jail more often than not.
He is a fraud.

That car accident in the early morning hours of "Black Friday" was the curtain call of his professional life/career.  Who knew a simple incident could snowball into a boulder that crushes public perception of him forever.   
It's a simpler matter if it was only cheating on his wife with one woman and he confesses.  In the forgiving society that we live in I am sure it would not have been an issue and Woods could have moved passed this and continued to be the great corporate spokesman he was.  Now the count is up to a reported ten women he had some relations with outside his marriage.  That is not only degrading, but it's shameful.
How can a corporation put their money behind liars like Tiger Woods now?  A guy who broke the most sacred bond among two people with up to ten other women?  I cannot imagine how anyone could take anything he promotes seriously now.  Tiger Woods could not persuade me to buy anything any longer because his credibility is shot.  I know for a fact his Gatorade is tasty, but there are people out there that will not buy it if they see those "Tiger Eyes" on the bottle.
So if Woods loses his endorsements, then how can the PGA stand behind him?  We always talk about too much media covering Tiger Woods and not anyone else.  If he ever returns to the PGA Tour, can you imagine the media coverage of him now?  The questions are no longer if he can catch "Jack", the questions will be about his personal life and if he is hanging out with any waitresses lately.  
The big picture is a no win situation for Woods and he should just hang it up.  Granted, what more does he have to prove in the game of golf.  Some consider him the greatest ever already even if he has not beaten "Jack's" majors record.   
If Tiger comes "clean", no one will believe him now.  If Tiger stays silent, he will be demonized as a liar, cheat and a wretched human being.  Companies will not be able to push their products with him anymore because his celebrity status is on the same lines as Pete Rose and OJ Simpson.
It's time to hang up the cleats and call it a day. 

It's time for Tiger to go into hibernation for good.   
Rock Mamola is the Associate Producer of The Mully And Hanley Morning Show and co-host of The Joe O And Rock Show
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Dmband said:



Were you a big Michael Jordan fan? Because he basically did the same thing...also, should Kobe retire? Things seem to be working out for him...

This guy lives for competitiion, just like MJ did, they simply cannot just walk away from the game. Very few, if any, sponsers will flat out drop Tiger, and the PGA makes WAAAAY too much money off Tiger to do anything about this. Furthermore, its a personal matter, not a criminal matter at this point, so they are not OBLIGATED to do anything. If John Daly is still able to compete, why shouldnt Tiger be able to? TV ratings, etc are all likely to actually go up because of this...and, given the target market for these events, and products, are geared towards MEN, its going to be a softer landing for him in the end, as guys are more likely to forgive and understand this...

I see, at most, Tiger taking next "season" off...your request, and a much more reasonable one at that, SHOULD have been for him to take a year off..these things dont linger (see aforementioned Kobe Bryant)

Rock Mamola said:



Thanks for checking out the blog.

The problem is Tiger is bigger than Kobe, and some could say bigger than Michael.

Tiger may be a competitive guy, but the NBA is a different sport than golf. Golf is a more professional sport and the PGA holds themselves to a higher standard. Hell some courses don't allow women to play on them.

Kobe and Michael survived because the NBA allowed them to. I can't see the PGA just standing still and allowing this whole mess to happen without some stance on the matter. That's just not the way they work. It's all about integrity with them.

I understand it's not a criminal matter, but when people are heading to the hospital and women are coming out of the woodwork with proof on you, this is getting uglier by the minute.

I believe the only reason it's gotten this bad is because Tiger has decided to hide.

The PGA ratings rely on Tiger...agreed.

However, this is a black eye for the sport and I'm not sure if people will be so forgiving of a scandal that's been more public than any other athletes in recent memory. Attention span is short, but I think this may be one people remember.


tigerfan99 said:

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What ignorant advice. Where are all these man that believed Tiger was perfect? The only Tiger fans I know are the ones that watch him play golf. They don't care about his life off the greens. We're not out their buying his products because he's a family man. In fact, I've never looked at Woods as a family man. I've never cared. Same way I don't care about any actor or famous person in their spare time. They're just human.

Had Tiger not been married, but rather just sleeping with all these women, would people think it's such a scandal? We don't know what was going on in his private life. We don't know how his marriage was going. What all the circumstances were. But everyone is quick to jump the gun and offer ridiculous advice such as retiring from golf.

Golf is Tiger's game. No matter what the world is calling a scandal, the best thing for the world and golf will be when Tiger makes his return in January and wins his first tournament, and then another, and another. Other players and people around the world can hate him, but that won't negate everything he's accomplished in golf. More importantly, Tiger has given back to so many, he's donated so much money, helped 10s of 1000s of kids, he's a role model in business no matter what you think about his scandalous affairs. This man has done so much for so many that anyone who thinks he's such a bad man should look at themselves at think about how much they've given back to society over the past 5-10 years.

I for one am proud to say I'll always be a Tiger fan. I don't agree with him cheating on his wife, but now that it's out, it's done. Time to move on. Let Tiger and Elin worry about their own personal matters as the rest of the world gets back to seeing the best golfer of our time, as well as an incredible businessman and philanthropist.

Rock Mamola said:



You say time to move on, but you're not a multi billion dollar corporation who invests heavily in one man to promote your product.

He's no longer a role model and public perception of him is getting worse and worse everyday with each new "gf" that comes out.

If Tiger is hooking up with porn stars, you think Nike's gonna back that??

Business is business, they'll find someone else and once the sponsors leave him, he's left with nothing.

I'm a Tiger fan as well, but it's best for his legacy if he leaves now and not wait for the media hailstorm to follow the rest of his career if he continues to play.

Thanks for checking out the blog.

tigerfan99 said:

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Tiger will continue to play golf because that's what he does. It's rumored that he has already agreed to play in Hawaii in January (payback for missing the Chevron). It will also be better for him to be in Hawaii for his first appearance, rather than than in California, close to all media outlets.

As fast as some of these corporate sponsors 'might' look to drop Tiger, there have already been other corporations looking to snag Tiger for their own campaigns. One noteworthy one was who's offering him $5M. From what I've seen, he's got over $20M in offers on the table from companies that might not be the most family-oriented companies looking for a role model.

Given Tiger's worth, even after dishing off a huge chunk to Elin and the kids, I would expect him to turn down such offers and focus on his game first and foremost.

Corporate American can try and keep him off the radar, but we all know that the national TV ratings are going to get hammered if Tiger doesn't play golf again. I know many, like myself, who simply don't watch golf unless Tiger is on. Just pointless to me otherwise. That's not to say there aren't great golfers on tour, but Tiger is the one that got me watching in the first place. Without him there, without his brilliance on course, there simply is no place in golf for me and I believe others would feel the same way.

Rock Mamola said:

user-pic - a website dedicated to finding you a person to have an affair with.

Come on....

If you watch for Tiger that's cool, cause there is a lot of people that do the same. However, the PGA was around before Tiger and it'll be around after Tiger. The ratings may dip, but it won't kill the sport.


Dmband said:



I do completely agree Tiger should have gotten out in front of this..then, the impact of these add'l woman wouldnt have been so surprising..Im sure Tiger's handlers are telling him to disappear for the next 3-5 months...but I agree, not the best decision. I just personally dont think its going to have the long term impact you are suggesting. While he will always be "linked" (lame pun intended), he will recover to some extent....

Dmband said:


ps: regarding the porn star issue, that IS NOT A CRIME. Tiger's lawyers would probably have a field day going after Nike if they tried to drop Tiger.

They never dropped MJ after it was discovered that he was a cheater...

Until its discovered that Tiger committed a crime, I dont believe his sponsers will be able to part ways with him, if contracts are in place. Remember, Kobe was accused or RAPE, yet still peddles prodcuts...

Rock Mamola said:



All it takes is one, and the rest will do the same because of the pressure forced by the one who dropped him.

Kobe came out and spoke with his wife on stage, can't say the same about Tiger.


GreenBean said:


Interesting take on it. I do think he needs to take an extended vacation from playing, but really, isn't that all for image? Or rather, the image Tiger as the athlete and his sponsors would like for him to portray. I'm not too sold on him not playing golf again, but mostly because his job is playing golf. I get the sponsorship and role model aspect, but, I'm not convinced this current "situation" cannot be overlooked. You've heard it yourself with callers to your station, no?

By the way, did you see on TMZ that Gatorade has shut down production of Tiger's Focus drink?:

Gatorade is shutting down production of their special brand of Tiger Woods' brew this month -- but the drink giant tells TMZ it has "absolutely no connection" to Tiger's current predicament.

Gatorade says Tiger Woods Focus Gatorade will conveniently be discontinued as of December 26, saying "We made the decision several months ago ... our relationship with Tiger continues.

Read more:

ZachSwan said:

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Lighten up. Tiger Woods was, and remains, a golf God. As long as he can continue to perform on the fairways and greens, I'll be a fan of his and the association with the products he endorses will affect me purchase behaviour in a positive manner. Millions and millions of others around the world feel the same way, I'm quite sure. The only people other than Tiger that really need to be uptight about where Tiger inserts his club are his family, his paramours, and his doctor. Face the facts - a majority (yes a majority) of people who have been in serious relationships have cheated (or will cheat) at some point in their lives. They may not have been as accomplished at it as Tiger evidently has been, but their actions are sufficient to generate empathy for the man and forgiveness of his misdeeds (after the hysterics like you have settled down anyhow.

svania said:

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I could be wrong, but I am assuming most (if not all) the posters here are males. Maybe young males. I wonder how many of you have daughters.

I am a middle-aged female, who was a huge fan of Tiger's, as was my 86 year old mother, who only watched golf because of Tiger. We buy the products he endorses (but not because he endorses them), but seriously, can I look at an add with his face and not think of the 10+ (at this time) women he's been with, incl. porn stars? And the fact he had unprotected sex? And the fact he is a father with two small children?

Yeah, most of us make mistakes. Even my 86 year old mum. But when one publicly endorses products based on the fact that he's an upstanding, great guy, a family man, and then all this happens, he becomes a fraud. It's sad, and sort of disgusting, but that's the reality.

If he wanted this kind of lifestyle, then he should have remained a bachelor.

One woman's opinion.

GreenBean said:


svania: I am a female. "I believe in a thing called love." I hope to someday be in a committed, monogamous relationship.

That being said...

His job is to play golf. Yes, the endorsements are in part because of his wholesome image. They are also because he is an incredible golfer. Talent is talent, whether someone is immoral or not. It does not make sense to me for someone to walk away from the game of golf for cheating on his wife.

Yes, what he did was wrong. Yes, he should have stayed single. But, aside from endorsements, this does not have anything to do with his game.

Mike said:

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This is an amazing post, "Retire!" Are you kidding me! Americans today are worried about losing their homes, rising gas prices and a war in the Middle East that we should have never gotten into to begin with.
Occassionally there is something on TV that will allow us to forget about how screwed up our Government is or how this Country is spinning out of control. Sometimes, for the first time in my life anyway, this thing is watching Golf. However, to be honest I only watch if Tiger is playing.
As far as I am concerned and I am sure I speak for many others, before Tiger, there was no golf, period. It was an uninteresting game with a group of uninteresting individuals whom chose to dress funny.
As a father and husband I cannot condone what Tiger did in his life. However, I refuse to judge him because it is not my place nor anyone elses for that matter.
It appears that you are one of those people whom have nothing better to do than to worship a man whom you know nothing about besides the fact that he's successful at a game. How is this possible that all of these people are so surprised and feel let down that these incidents occured?
Tiger Woods is a man, like all of us and just like us he's not perfect.
Charles Barkley said it best when he stated that he was not a role model. What did the press do? They jumped on him with both feet, they said he was ducking his responsibility to kids everywhere.
I say to that B.S! It's not his job or Tigers for that matter to raise your kids and be someone for them to look up to.
I would be furious if I came home and my son or daughter had a life size poster of any so called celebrity on their wall. Why? Because as a parent I am their role model. I work hard everyday to feed them, clothed them, teach them and guide them through lifes future obsticles.
By the way, get this. They interact with me every single day. Not just by watching me on T.V. or some movie where they have no idea what I am actually like once the cameras stop rolling.
Now, "Retire", I think not, for those of us that are intelligent enough to understand that no one is perfect, he didn't let us down and he is not a fraud as you wrote in your post. Those of us that really understand that there is always a difference between what we see on T.V. and real life want to enjoy seeing Tiger where our trust and expectations of him have been earned, on the course in the hunt on Sundays.
What he does after that point is between him and his wife (and of course the ever intrusive media).
As for his sponsors walking and the PGA not standing for this type of behavior? Get real, no one touches the goose that lays the golden eggs. Hell, we forgave a President that did pretty much the same thing and Clinton never entertained us as much as Tiger or sold as many products. So trust me when I say that the PGA and that good ole boy network will grit their teeth all the way to the bank as Tiger continues to stalk and pass Jack.
When that day comes, you'll be on that band wagon writing about how you knew he could and would do it and all this personal trash about his life will be a distant memory.
"Retire", I am surprised that the PGA hasn't called you and asked for a retraction for this silly thought.

TJ said:

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WOW this is funny CHIT!!! TIGER BY FAR IS THE BEST OF ALL TIME How about this who and the F cares about his personal life !!!!!!!! he is a dammmmmmm PGA Golf Professional ! who cares what he does off the course i sure dont and neither do my kids! they love tiger for his golf game he aint gonna lose a dam thing ... dammm its always somthing everyone has to dogg him for cheatin who in the mthr F cares!!!!!!!!! as far as im concerned people need to stay the bleep out of his dam personal life geeeezzzzzz TIGER WOODS THE BEST NOW AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST AT THE GAME!

scooterpie said:

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Are you people kidding? Not me or anyone I know ! The minute this hit the air it stopped being about Tiger and Elin and about how much crap you "investigative professionals" could drum up. Most sane people hate 99% of the media, who are scarcely more than children with computers who can't do anything real with their time. Men and women of all walks of life, presidents on down have committed adultery and no one cares. It's just not that big of news. Let these two get on with their lives and leave them the **** alone. If she goes back to him, that's her business, if she takes him to the cleaners so be it. If I was Tiger I would be tempted to repeat Vijay's line, "you can all kiss my black ***!!!"

bjammin1227 said:

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Arguably the greatest golfer of all time retire at 35? What a ridiculous and uneducated article.

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