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Did Bears get their man or did Green Bay?

Brad Palmer

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The Bears wound up with Florida safety Major Wright as their first pick in this year's draft, but it's likely they would have gone for Georgia Tech FS Morgan Burnett had he been available. At least the Packers seemed to think so. Why else would they have traded their third and fourth round picks to Philadelphia so that they could move ahead of the Bears in the third round?

The Packers took Burnett with the 71st pick, leaving the Bears with Wright as the 75th pick.

It was a bold move by Green Bay GM Ted Thompson and reminiscent of the 1971 draft when the Packers outmanuevered the Bears and picked RB John Brockington on the first round instead of Joe Moore, whom new Packer coach Dan Devine had just coached at Missouri.

Brockington gained over 1,000 yards in each of his first three 14-game seasons. He made the Pro Bowl three times in a 7 year career. Moore gained all of 281 yards in a 2-year career. The Bears took Jim Harrison, Moore's Missouri running mate, on the second round. He lasted 4 years, while running for a total of just 1,099 yards.

The Bears had the 11th pick that year. Green Bay had the 12th. The Packers traded up with Denver to land the 9th pick and take Brockington, leaving the Bears with a major bust in Moore. Devine obviously knew something, and the Bears got snookered, pure and simple.

Did the Bears get snookered again? Only time will tell, but based on the Bears checkered history in evaluating talent at free safety, I wouldn't bet against it.




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IrishSweetness said:


"Did the Bears get snookered again? Only time will tell, but based on the Bears checkered history in evaluating talent at free safety, I wouldn't bet against it."

Spot on. Jerry Angelo has had years to find a replacement for Mike Brown and repeatedly whiffs. His insistence on ignoring the O-line in drafts is our only real weak spot, but it's the most crucial part of the team ...

Adam12 said:


What did you think of the Bears first preseason game? What do you think of this upcoming season? I think this upcoming bears season will be hard to watch.

Brad Palmer said:


I don't look for a lot in first preseason games, and the Bears sure didn't disappoint. One series for an offense trying to learn a new system? What was that? I guess it means the Bears know they have a real problem with the offensive line, despite everything they say to the contrary, and didn't want to risk losing Jay Cutler at this early juncture. Kyle Orton played two series in Denver's opener. Both resulted in touchdowns. The Bears got a field goal on Cutler's only series, thanks to a personal foul penalty on San Diego. The Bears still can't tackle. Major Wright showed he can tackle, but he obviously was well coached in college. Tackling seems to be a low priority with the Bears. They're taught to try to strip the ball, often resulting in yards after the catch. Right now, I'm projecting the Bears for a 1-4 start in the regular season and a 7-9 record at best. Jerry Angelo says the pieces are in place (right!), which puts the onus on Lovie. Lovie says it's the best Bears team he's had. Why not. He's got nothing to lose at this point.

BillW said:


Brad - come back and post more often. You are missed - at least by people who want to hear informed opinions and not a lot of emotional contradictory nonsense that is on the other blogs.

Adam12 said:


I am really looking forward to your weekly insight on the Bears this year. Do you plan on posting more often?

Brad Palmer said:


I'm sorry to disappoint you and BillW, but I don't anticipate doing any more postings on this website. I just don't feel there were enough readers to warrant the time and effort that went into it. Thanks for your interest.

BillW said:


I understand, Brad. Well, I wish you good health and happiness! Thanks for teaching me a lot about football, Professor!

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