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Ticket Trap Game Teaches Drivers How To Avoid Parking Tickets

The Parking Ticket Geek

The Geek is an idiot, who gets a lot of parking tickets, and knows how to fight back.

Can I park here?

That's the question that confounded John Staniszewski for many years when he was living in his native Brooklyn.

It was his frustration with confusing parking signs which led to Staniszewski's car being ticketed many, many times over the years.

"No matter where I parked in Brooklyn there was a different regulation and I would be getting tickets all the time," said Staniszewski who goes by the handle Parking Ticket Terminator. "There was nothing out there to educate people with that and led me to think of different ways to help with that."

Eventually, it was those maddeningly annoying signs and costly tickets that was the motivation behind Ticket Trap--Staniszewski's online parking ticket game.

"It's meant to give people an experience of what's out there and take the edge of the parking (experience), said Staniszewski explaining why he decided to create Ticket Trap. "It helps get your eyes used to the seeing the details of seeing different signs and build awareness of how to park legally."

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Staniszewski an elementary school music teacher for 20 some years, now living on Staten Island, used his background in education to use, designing the game as an "question and answer game about educating and building awareness of many of the problems motorists face parking their vehicles everyday."

Ticket Trap allows players to pick their player avatar and a vehicle to roam to and fro over the entire five burroughs of New York and challenge their parking violation knowledge. Gamers can play in both English and Spanish.

If you opt to play the game in a traditional linear way, you begin your trek on Staten Island level one, progressing next to Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and finally, Manhattan, the most difficult level.

Along the way, you make stops to park and are challenged in the form of a parking ticket and an image of a NYC parking sign, a scenario and then a list of multiple choice answers. Choose the right answer and you collect the amount of the fine, or if you are wrong, you lose whatever the fine amount is.

Staniszewski came up with the Ticket Trap game concept over seven years ago and began using one set of internet gaming developers in India. When the first developer disappeared with all the programming code for a half-finished version of the game, Staniszewski had to start the process over again from scratch.

"It was years in the making," said Staniszewski. "I lost a lot of sleep over it."

But Staniszewski's persistence paid off when he debuted the game this past summer.

Traffic is up at his game website and he plans on releasing a CD version of the game soon. In addition, he's been working on a parking sign matching game to further educate drivers on how to be more savvy when reading signs when trying to park.

While the self-named Parking Ticket Terminator says his experience in parking in New York has reduced the amount of parking tickets he receives, he sheepishly admits he still gets a ticket once in a while.

"I'm pretty good, but I'm always learning something new," said Staniszewski. "I was getting several a year still when I was living in Brooklyn. Even today parking in the city is challenging."

Ultimately Staniszewski is hopeful that Ticket Trap will educate drivers to be more aware, careful and and eliminate them getting parking tickets.

You can play Ticket Trap online at



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